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Hercules Roadeo
yesterday at 10:06. Facebook
Thank you Roadeos, we just crossed 3 lakh likes! To celebrate we’re giving one Roadeo away. Watch this space, and you could ride a Roadeo home.
Who says stunts need to stick to the roads. Break the pattern and explore every possibility. #NeverChallengeARoadeo
If you’re in control, it means you’re not going fast enough. But being in control when you’re faster than ever, that’s the Roadeo way. #NeverChallengeARoadeo
Do a simple wheelie and hold the back brake. Then release and spin your bike to land on both wheels. Do the death-spin if you can.
There are ordinary stunts and the stunts a Roadeo does. These stunts don’t just leave the audience in awe, they make you unforgettable. Make your mark. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Do a simple wheelie and hold the back brake. Keep holding the brakes and pull the back wheel up like a pogo stick. Can you do a Bunny Hop? Show us.
No matter how big or small the challenge may be. Be sure that a Roadeo will always be above it. #NeverChallengeARoadeo
No matter how high you jump or how outlandish your stunts are, you can count on the Geolander to always get you on the ground safe. Get yours here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ride as fast as you can, hit the front brake and shift your weight forward. Don’t try to stop, try to lift the back tyre. What’s your Stoppie technique?
Turn the tables on the opposition with this one because when you’re doing a death spin on this, you’re bound to turn some heads. Get yours now! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Daniel J Canary first performed the classic wheelie, in as a far back as 1890 shortly after modern bikes became popular. When did you perform your first Wheelie?
Lift your handle bar, accelerate forward and maintain your balance. Simple enough? Show us how you do it.
Take your talents to the streets and destroy every opponent that challenges you. Get one today.
Tower over others with a crackling wheelie and show off every firework in your wheelhouse. Show your version of Roadeo Anar. #FestivalOfStunts
Light up your neighbourhood with a cracking chain combo and make a different kind of noise this Diwali. Tag a friend who you want to do a stunt combo with. #FestivalOfStunts
Why get firecrackers when all you need is a Roadeo to bring out the fireworks? Here’s a spin on a classic Indian firecracker. Show us how you can do the chakra. #FestivalOfStunts
Take off with some sparkling airtime. Shoot yourself into the air, create some noise or turn a few heads, no one wants to miss this. #FestivalOfStunts
How about taking on a challenge of discovering a new place near your neighbourhood. #BreakThePattern and tell us where you’ll take your Roadeo? [ Bit.ly Link ]