Hercules Roadeo
01/17/2017 at 13:45. Facebook
Screenshot your style and paste it in the comment section.
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Take that turn. Never look back
What's the one accessory you must-have while riding? Tell us in the comment section below
This sure will help you feel like a king once you've mastered it.
P.S. Make sure you’ve got your crown (helmet) on throughout. :D
For those who don't compromise on their machine or attitude. Hit <3 if you happen to be one of them!
Congratulations to the winner of Roadeo A75 contest, Jibin! Here's hoping that every path he takes in the new year is full of happiness!
Screenshot your #RoadeoMustHave and post it in the comment section.
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Who says stunts need to stick to the roads. Break the pattern and explore every possibility. #NeverChallengeARoadeo
If you’re in control, it means you’re not going fast enough. But being in control when you’re faster than ever, that’s the Roadeo way. #NeverChallengeARoadeo
Do a simple wheelie and hold the back brake. Then release and spin your bike to land on both wheels. Do the death-spin if you can.
There are ordinary stunts and the stunts a Roadeo does. These stunts don’t just leave the audience in awe, they make you unforgettable. Make your mark. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Do a simple wheelie and hold the back brake. Keep holding the brakes and pull the back wheel up like a pogo stick. Can you do a Bunny Hop? Show us.