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Graphic designer and critic Adrian Shaughnessy provides insight into the man behind Herman Miller's corporate font. Dubbed the Helvetica of the 90s, FF Meta is one of Erik Spiekermann's most enduring designs. Photo by Jens Passoth. Read WHY, [ Hmlr.co Link ].
Herman Miller
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In 1994, Aeron was unlike any chair the world had ever seen. Today, it’s remastered and remaking history. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Herman Miller
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Resolve to relax: As you make time to focus on you, spend it in a place that feels like you. Get back to living in your living room again. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Herman Miller
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Ascender, descender, x-height and kerning. Twenty-six letterforms and a few punctuation marks help define Herman Miller. Discover WHY, [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Meet the new Aeron Chair, remastered from the casters up. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
FF Meta, designed by Erik Spiekermann, has been the corporate font of Herman Miller since the late 1990s. It was initially rejected by the German Post Office, but has since defined the digital age. Photo by Jens Passoth. Discover WHY, [ Hmlr.co Link ]
You can find past and future at the Herman Miller store. Across from the remastered Aeron is a vintage Nelson Swag DFH Armchair, curated by Wright Auction. The store is located at 251 Park Ave. South. Photo by Nicholas Calcott.
A number of factors can help companies attract and keep top talent. Ibotta, makers of a mobile shopping app that awards users cash back on everyday purchases, has already seen its recent workplace upgrade pay off in terms of more efficient collaboration and increased employee satisfaction. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
To restore a 50-year-old Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the wood frames were cleaned and several layers of oil were applied by hand over a two-week period, shock mounts were replaced, upholstery was re-sewn, and the ottoman leather was replaced. Read WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Happy Holidays from Herman Miller. This festive scene is from our 1976 Christmas party.
“It was comfortable, it was well made, and it added a lovely dimension to my apartment,” says Carl Glick of the Eames Lounge and Ottoman he purchased in 1966. Read WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is meant to be enjoyed. Its careful design by Ray and Charles Eames delivers comfort and quality for generations. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
After using this Eames Lounge Chair in her bedroom for the past 30 years, New York Times columnist Marianne Rohrlich had it refurbished and passed it down to her daughter, Monica Molenaar, and her family. Read WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Technology has streamlined some of the steps used to make the Eames Lounge Chair, but the most important aspect remains unchanged: faithfulness to the intent of the original design by Charles and Ray Eames. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Fifty years after it was originally obtained, an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman begins a new chapter with the next generation of a design-loving New York family. Read WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Don't miss out on your chance to save 15% on the new Aeron Chair. The Holiday Sale ends Monday at 11:59 p.m. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Go ahead. Indulge a little. Minimalist Baker developed a walnut snickerdoodle cookie recipe to help us celebrate the holiday sale. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
We’re partnering with Sight Unseen to recognize 20 names to know in American design. See the honorees here and stay tuned for more insights from these designers. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Save on your favorite designs from Eames, Nelson, and more. Everything storewide is 15% off during our Holiday Sale. [ Hmlr.co Link ]

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