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The work of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders is inspired by contrasts. "I think that's what design is," he says, "you make connection between things that are not connected yet." It makes sense, then, that his design for the Magis Troy Chair connects two seemingly contrasting ideas: simplicity and endless variation. The latest extension of this versatile family of seating—the addition of solid...
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Magis - Herman Miller

Herman Miller
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George Nelson believed in visual literacy: Our capacity to make sense of the world, identify and question ideas that surround us, and ultimately become advocates for a beautiful and useful world. Discover more in WHY. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
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You’ve probably flown, driven, watched, eaten, spoken on, stayed in, or sat on a design from forpeople, but you may never have heard of them. That’s because with forpeople, the work always comes first. Check out Keyn, their latest collaboration with Herman Miller. [ Hmlr.co Link ]

Keyn Chair - Herman Miller

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George Nelson reportedly carried a camera everywhere he went, spontaneously snapping photos of anything and everything that caught his astute eye. He left behind an archive of tens of thousands of images. Visit WHY to learn more about Nelson’s visual literacy. Photo Courtesy of Vitra Design Museum. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
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Keyn is one chair with many personalities. It can stand out independently but the many variations also work in harmony as a family. Learn more: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
In 1977, George Nelson published his book on visual literacy, How to See. Today, it's been "restored" by graphic designer Michael Bierut. Read WHY to learn how Bierut approached the project and what Nelson still has to say to us today. Video by Christopher Sturman. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Each office and each person who works in it is unique. That’s why no matter who you are or what you do, we have a work system with your name on it. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Research shows that during meetings, people shift in their seats a lot—as much as 57 times per hour. The Keyn Chair responds to these movements. The seat-and-back shell slide smoothly and reclines up to 10 degrees so that you can move naturally and feel comfortable. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Gas-injection technology allowed Magis Air Chair designer Jasper Morrison to create the shape of his ideal wooden chair, and realize it in versatile, durable, and lightweight plastic. Herman Miller is the exclusive distributor of Magis products in the United States and Canada, where the Magis Air-Chair is part of the Herman Miller Collection. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Looking for a meeting and side chair? The Keyn Chair Group works well in collaborative spaces, offers immediate comfort, and supports people’s movements. It’s an aesthetically versatile collection that easily blends into a wide range of environments. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
“Nice legs,” thought one. “Cute seat,” thought the other. That’s how an Eames Shell Chair love story starts. Soon they’ll want to stop seeing other chairs and settle down to start a dining room set together. With so many Shell Chair variations to love, it’s easy to find your perfect match. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Each office and each person who works in it is unique. That’s why no matter who you are or what you do, we have a work system with your name on it. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
With Living Office, Tavistock Development Company created a unified workplace that’s just as vibrant as the communities it builds for clients. Watch their story. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Do you believe in love at first sight? Before you answer, check out our Eames Shell Chair options. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
In 1968, Jack Kelley was tasked with creating furniture that bridged the gap between man and computer. His groundbreaking solution set the stage for a technological revolution. Read his story on WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ] Photo by Peter Hoffman
Through research, we’ve compiled a list of top priorities for organizations. By putting people in a place to succeed, Living Office helps businesses succeed, too. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Action Office designers Robert Propst and Jack Kelley believed in meeting the needs of modern workers. That belief made them perfect collaborators with Douglas Engelbart, who was creating the computer of the future. Read more on WHY. [ Hmlr.co Link ]

Mother of Invention - Herman Miller

How did a hacked Eames Shell Chair change the course of computer history? Learn more about Herman Miller’s surprising role in the birth of personal computing on WHY: [ Hmlr.co Link ]
We studied 120 work environments around the world and discovered significant shifts in workplace design. See what’s new in the new landscape of work. [ Hmlr.co Link ]
Does your office make you feel creative? If it doesn’t, it should. Bring life to work with Living Office, so people and businesses can succeed. [ Hmlr.co Link ]