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Heroes of the Storm
yesterday at 20:00. Facebook
Time is running out, Heroes! Season 2 ends on 12/14!
Heroes of the Storm
12/09/2016 at 20:39. Facebook
Join us Dec 14 for the return of Winter Veil! Bonus XP, new skins, and the Festive Treasure Goblin mount!

Details: blizz.ly/2glArud
Heroes of the Storm
12/09/2016 at 18:40. Facebook
The Weekly Brawl - Garden Arena

Join Ravinix and TrikSlyr as they test out the new Garden Arena Heroes Brawl.
Heroes of the Storm
12/08/2016 at 22:00. Facebook
Mow down your opponents on this week's Heroes Brawl: Garden Arena! Hitting the Nexus in all regions at 12 am PST.

>[ Blizz.ly Link ]
Heroes of the Storm
12/07/2016 at 00:09. Facebook
Season 3 is coming - and it's bringing party size changes to Hero and Team League, along with a host of new rewards!

Details: [ Blizz.ly Link ]
Heroes of the Storm
12/06/2016 at 19:55. Facebook
Our latest Balance Update is now live in all regions! Updates to Varian, Samuro, Nazeebo, and more!

Patch Notes: blizz.ly/2gNJ3ZF
Heroes of the Storm
12/05/2016 at 18:40. Facebook
Bathe in the flames of Sulfuron. Ragnaros has awoken on the PTR!

> [ Blizz.ly Link ]
The Weekly Heroes Brawl - Ghost Protocol

Join Ravinix and TrikSlyr as they attempt to show off their Sniper skills in this week's Heroes Brawl.
The enemy team just drafted Illidan on Braxis Holdout. Which hero would you pick to counter them?

Select a reaction to vote, and tell us why in the comments!
Have a happy Thanksgiving, Heroes!
“To preserve peace, you must be willing to fight."

Cosplay: Oshley Cosplay
Photo: Alive Alf Photography
Blackheart's back, and he's out for revenge! Join Ravinix and TrikSlyr as they play the new Heroes Brawl.
We're not here to maintain the status quo - we're here to upend it.
Can you Complete the Nexus Challenge? Party up and earn rewards, including the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch!
Wield Shalamayne and rally the Alliance to your banners! Varian Wrynn is now live!

Patch Notes: [ Blizz.ly Link ]
Fall before the might of the King!

Defend your allies and assault your enemies as Varian, High King of the Alliance - the first Multiclass Hero to enter the Nexus!
We're taking a look at the new Heroes Brawl: Temple Arena.
When you really, REALLY need that boss.
Capture the Temples and destroy the enemy's Core! Our next Brawl, Temple Arena, is now live!

Details: blizz.ly/2foxPYz
Take a closer look at what's coming to the Nexus - including Varian, Ragnaros, Marauder Muradin, Gingerdread Nazeebo, and more!