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Sometimes Joanna Gaines doesn't even know what species he is, but she knows she loves him! And so do we. #FixerUpper
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Start thinking about those backyard parties!

50 Beautiful Backyard Ideas
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How to be a minimalist without getting rid of everything.

Creating a Minimalist Home When You're a Secret Maximalist
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These are the upgrades that aren't worth your money or your time.

20 Renovations That WON'T Add Value to Your Home
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Hilary Farr proves the basement is the fun zone. #LoveItOrListIt

Hilary Transforms a Dingy Basement Into An Entertaining Haven
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A baby room in the dining room!? You have to get creative with limited space.

Toronto Couple Makes Room for Baby in 600 Square Feet
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When it comes to adding country chic flair, nobody does it better than Joanna Gaines.

Natural Finishes on Some of Joanna Gaines' Prettiest Renos
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Wow. This is a #timecapsule of a different kind.

Abandoned Ontario Home is Eerily Beautiful and Intact!
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The Canadian real estate market is as varied as the country itself.

Where to Buy a House in Canada Right Now
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If only 50 Shades of Grey had been a design book.

20 Gorgeous Grey Kitchens
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The entertainment world is still mourning the loss of #MaryTylerMoore.

'Mary Tyler Moore Show' House Hits the Market
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Thanks to Pinterest, expectations run high when it comes to DIY wedding decor.

Gorgeous and Simple Ideas for the Creative Bride
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There were those who said it couldn't be done, but Sarah and Bryan Baeumler proved them all wrong. #BryanInc

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Unveil Their Gorgeous Highview Property
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You may not be an Oscar-winning movie star, but for $15,000 a month you can live like one.

Sandra Bullock's Hollywood Home is Up For Rent
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Chip and Joanna Gaines's Magnolia House booked up their summer and fall seasons in just five minutes! #FixerUpper

Inside Chip and Jo's New Bed and Breakfast