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Can you guess what this statement rug is made from?

This is the Coolest Upcycle Ever
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Planning a wedding this spring/summer? Go rustic!

Look Inside the Most Stunning Wedding Barns In North America
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The Hjertefølgers took their surname literally.

Under the Dome: Norwegian Family Lives Beneath Glass Dome
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The bottom line: we need to use less water.

20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill
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There's also something to be said about decluttering and getting back to the basics.

17 Mobile Homes We'd Totally Live In
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How Bryan Baeumler and Paul are spending #workoutWednesday. #BryanInc
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The housing market is super competitive these days and everyone is looking for a great deal. #PropertyBrothers

16 Things Jonathan and Drew Want You To Do Before Listing Your Home
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Hilary Farr helped two empty-nesters get their bungalow to reach its entertaining potential. #LoveItOrListIt

Hilary Farr Unveils the Ultimate Entertaining Oasis
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A new coat of paint can only go so far.

Will a Home Theatre Add Value to My Home?
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Hilary Farr is pretty happy with how this kitchen reno turned out. #LoveItOrListIt
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The reno Chip and Joanna Gaines completed for an army veteran and his wife is a real tear-jerker. #FixerUpper
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How to combat the #Mondayblues:
Step 1) Fill ice dispenser with candy
Step 2) Fill glass
Step 3) Bottoms up

Genius Fills Ice Dispenser with Candy
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Don't be alarmed, but your house is probably full of stuff that could burn it to the ground.

13 Things in Your Home You Didn't Know Can Start a Fire
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Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler are back to work on Highview tonight at 10e/p! #BryanInc ☕
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These are the trends that will populate Pinterest boards across the ... well, board.

Pinterest Reveals Top 20 Trends for Homes in 2017