02/22/2017 at 08:32. Facebook
We thought you all might like to see again were it all began back in the late 1940's. The name, Hiab, comes from the commonly used abbreviation of Hydrauliska Industri AB, a company founded in Hudiksvall, Sweden 1944 by Eric Sundin, a ski manufacturer who saw a way to utilize a truck's engine to power loader cranes through the use of hydraulics. Hiab invented the world's first hydraulic truck...
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02/06/2017. Facebook
Eddie Karlsson Racing​ wins the Swedish XtrialX title again. Amazing! Congratulations! [ Eddiekarlssontrial.com Link ]
02/03/2017. Facebook
Our forestry cranes are extremely popular in Japan.
Read about Kinichi Suzuki, one of our many timber truck drivers from Japan who prefer LOGLIFT and JONSERED cranes in their daily work.

[ Bit.ly Link ]

#LOGLIFT #JONSERED #ForestryCrane #Hiab
01/30/2017. Facebook
Let´s start this week with a beautiful MOFFETT truck mounted forklift. OK, the surroundings is also quite nice
Can you guess the location?

01/29/2017. Facebook
01/23/2017. Facebook
This #MOFFETTmonday started great.
We are happy to supply 15 electric MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts to Behrens-Wöhlk-Gruppe in Germany.

Read more at:bit.ly/2kiCMIa
01/13/2017. Facebook
How did our test operators react when they got to try HiVision™ for the first time? bit.ly/1PbxJ6p
01/11/2017. Facebook
On a cold January day, the HiVision(TM) truck arrived in the beautiful village of Fiskars in southern Finland.

Our local team had invited eleven journalists to experience the camera-based control system. The location was a natural choice for the event as LOGLIFT forestry cranes originate from there.

It was about -20°C, but the crane could be operated nicely from the truck cabin without a...
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01/10/2017. Facebook
When you do a job, you want it done your way.
With a Hiab T-crane you can make easy job of your heavy lifting.

[ Hiab.com Link ]

#Hiab #TSeries
01/05/2017. Facebook
Thank you everybody that participated in our Hiab Christmas Game 2016.
There was a lot of impressive times, but best of them all was 11,9 seconds. Well done Bartosz Kowalski !!

We will this week contact all our winners:
1. Bartosz Kowalski
2. Rafal Malinowski
3. Katarzyna Podlipniak
4. Jakub Mierzwiak
5. Dariusz Kryszczuk

01/03/2017. Facebook
Happy New Year!

2017 is here and we now have a new exciting Hiab year in front of us. During 2016 we reached 100 000 followers here on Facebook which is fantastic.
This year we hope to share even more interesting content with you.

To do that, we would like to know what you want to read more about.
Put a comment and we will do our best to share some great stories.

#Hiab #LetsMake2017Fantastic
12/22/2016. Facebook
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our followers, operators, customers, partners and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2016 has been a fantastic Hiab year. Let us together make 2017 even better.

#Hiab #Christmas #HiabMoment
12/20/2016. Facebook
Have you tried our Christmas Game yet?
The best time is right now 12,5 sec.
12/13/2016. Facebook
Meet our customer, “Pets at Home” from UK, and see how MOFFETT E-Series creates value for their business.

"The E-Series provides us with the opportunity to enhance our night time delivery service“
- Steve Travis, Transport Manager at Pets at Home

Read more about MOFFETT E-series at: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#MOFFETT #Eseries #TruckMountedForklift #Hiab
12/09/2016. Facebook
The HiVision truck has been on a Road Tour in Sweden for a couple of weeks, and many have had the opportunity to try the new solution. At one our stops in the forests of Värmland we received prominent guests.

Both HRH Prince Carl Philip and Vämlands Governor Kenneth Johansson had a go at the HiVision crane!

Read more about HiVision: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#Hiab #HiVision #JONSERED #LOGLIFT Loglift...
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12/02/2016. Facebook
The beech forest of Torup is a unique recreational area not far from Malmö, Sweden
In this picture you see a JONSERED 1088S in action.

#JONSERED #Hiab #ForForestPeople
12/01/2016. Facebook
Challenge your friends, colleagues, family or why not yourself in the Hiab Christmas Game. The top scores will win a Christmas gift from Hiab.
Good luck!

[ Hiabchristmasgame.com Link ]

#Hiab #Christmas
11/29/2016. Facebook
Quality is important when you operate a hooklift or skiploader.
With MULTILIFT, quality is what you get.

We are so confident about our products that we now increase the standard warranty for all MULTILIFT products to 2 YEARS.

Read more at: [ Bit.ly Link ]

11/25/2016. Facebook
Every Friday is a #BlackFriday at Hiab.

But to follow the flow, we also have some special offers in our Clubshop this weekend. [ Clubshop.hiab.com Link ]

Have a nice Hiab Friday.
11/23/2016. Facebook
Yesterday was a fantastic day for us at Hiab.

This impressive stone elephant was donated to us from Mr Flemming Christensen, founder of SAWO, our dealer in Denmark. Flemming has more than fifty years of cooperation with Hiab and is passionate about elephants.

The stone elephant called 'Hiabalski' will be welcoming visitors at the entrance of our factory in Stargard, Poland.

#Hiab #SAWO...
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