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Happy Friday everyone! :)

How delicious do these 'Halloumi and Pineapple Salsa Tacos' look?

This dish by HIF foodie, Helen from Scrummy Lane combines crispy fried halloumi cheese served in a small taco with avocado, a tangy pineapple and tomato salsa, topped with a sweet chili and greek yoghurt sauce.

A sort of Greek-Mex creation, if you like! Enjoy!

Halloumi and Pineapple Salsa Tacos

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Did you know that nine common foods are responsible for over 90% of allergic reactions? ???? ????

According to our resident GP Dr Sam, "Cow's milk, egg, peanut, sesame, soy, tree nuts, wheat and shellfish are the main culprits”. But what exactly causes a food allergy and more importantly why are they becoming increasingly more common in Australian kids?

Well, current research indicates...
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Does Your Child Have a Food Allergy?


The HIF Dog ‘n’ Health Games is back for another year and it’s bigger and better than ever! So leash up your human and join us on Sunday 30 April for a tail sniffin’, friend chasin’, dogalicious day of fun.

Meet us in stunning South Perth for a 1km walk, run or jog along the river, then test out our brand new agility challenge with 20 fun stations to navigate...
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When did you last visit the dentist? ???? If you can't remember, that probably means it's been too long.

According to our resident dental health expert, Dr. Emma, "Early decay is mostly painless and undetectable to the layperson, but can be fixed with remineralising agents or small fillings. Wait until the holes get big, and you're in for bigger fillings which cost more. Consider also the...
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When Was Your Last Dental Check-Up?


Trying to phone HIF today? You may notice our call waiting times are a little longer than usual. We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused, especially because (without wanting to sound robotic) your call really IS important to us.

Please rest assured that our team is working hard to answer calls and respond to emails as quickly as possible. If you have an urgent enquiry though,...
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Want to join the HIF team in Perth? We are looking for a sharp, agile and motivated Sales Consultant who is focused on outcomes and putting our members first. Visit for details.
On behalf of all at HIF, we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Perth Wildcats on yet another championship victory! It was a stellar game and we couldn't be prouder of our extraordinary NBL team for their back-to-back win. #redarmy
What are you eating for lunch today? A quick salad or sandwich from the food court, some leftovers, or maybe a few crackers with tuna at your desk? ????

While we often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, let’s not forget how important lunch is when it comes to weight control. ⚖

According to diet guru Susie Burrell - Dietitian/Nutritionist, "The most common scenario now...
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Is Your Lunch Balance All Wrong?

How can we help our kids thrive?

According to our resident psychologist Dr. Happy from The Happiness Institute, "The answer is non-judgemental observation. That is, observing phenomena (like thoughts and feelings) with curiosity but without labelling as either good or bad. This type of mindful parenting gives us the opportunity to respond more calmly; more positively; with the best interests...
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Mindful Parenting - How You Can Help Your Kids Thrive

Has Pancake Tuesday crêped up on you? ????

This delicious recipe by HIF health guru Susie Burrell - Dietitian/Nutritionist is super easy to make and is the perfect option for an indulgent dinner.

Even better, it’s packed full of high-protein ingredients and contains a mere 210 calories per serve.

Protein Pancakes

Happy Friday everyone! :)

Are you a fan of fish and chips? If so you'll love this easy, tasty and healthier version of this classic meal courtesy of food blogger, Helen from Scrummy Lane.

The fish is lightly pan-fried and topped with a tasty crumb mixture including parmesan cheese, basil and lemon. Served with a light butter lemon sauce and oven baked chunky chips and peas, of course!...
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Healthier Fish and Chips

According to GP, Dr Sam, "Overall, 12% of Aussies are estimated to suffer a migraine at some stage in their lives, that's nearly a whopping 3 million people! Striking most commonly in our thirties, migraines carry significant social, economical, and personal consequences."

So what exactly are migraines and what do you need to know about them?

We caught up with Dr. Sam to find out.

Living With Migraines

Why are 's so important for your overall health?

According to Psychologist Dr. Happy from The Happiness Institute, “The average Australian sleeps one hour less each night than what they need - this sort of sleep deprivation is a massive problem. Why? Well, lack of sleep doesn’t just lead to tiredness; it has also been found to be associated with impaired cognitive functioning (thinking),...
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Why Sleep is Vital for Your Mental Health, Happiness and Success

Have you ever set your ideal fitness goals but never mustered the motivation to follow them through? Don't worry you're not alone, this is something our resident fitness expert Matt Fuller, owner of Fuller Fitness Subiaco has seen many times.

According to Matt, "Self-belief is power. Believe you can make a positive change and that way you will stay focussed and be on-track to succeed....
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How to Motivate Yourself Towards Your Goals

Is travelling your dietary downfall?

According to nutrition guru Susie Burrell - Dietitian/Nutritionist, "If you regularly jet set around the country for work you will know how difficult it can be to keep your diet on track. Plane food, airports, hotels and conferences are just some of the locations which can make finding fresh, nutritious and carb controlled foods very difficult."

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How to Travel For Work and Keep Your Diet on Track

HIF members – have you ever wondered how your premiums are used?

As you’ll see from these graphs, 95 cents from every dollar received in 2015/16 went straight back out in member claims benefits. That’s eight cents more per dollar than the industry average!

As a proudly not-for-profit, member owned health fund, we understand the importance of getting value for money from your health cover....
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Look who's here!

On Saturday 21 January, HIF blogger Helen from Scrummy Lane and her partner Simon, welcomed a beautiful boy to the world. Meet Benjamin James Schofield. :)

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Helen & Simon on behalf of all at HIF. We hope you enjoy this magical journey ahead and cherish every moment together. <3
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Are you a fan of chocolate truffles?

If you've answered yes, then you'll adore these guilt-free raw treats. Combining crunchy cashews, fresh orange juice, pitted dates, dried sultanas and raw cacao – these tasty snacks are guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving.

For recipe instructions, check out this short video from our very own food guru Helen from Scrummy Lane.

For full recipe...
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Raw chocolate orange truffles

Who doesn’t love chocolate truffles? And that chocolate-orange combo… mmm! These raw chocolate truffles are made with just 5 super healthy ingredients, but y...

Huge congratulations to HIF Mental Health blogger, Dr. Happy, for being named as having one of the “Top 30 Positivity Blogs on the Planet” for his website 'The Happiness Institute'. What a fantastic achievement!

If you'd like to read Dr. Happy's latest articles for HIF, head over to

Top 30 Positivity Blogs & Websites on the Web | Positivity Blog