The #CanadaHouse gallery is open today 11 - 5:45 - see our new exhibit TEN by Andrew Salgado [ Link ]
High Commissioner Janice Charette visited the artist Mateo M and his installation Digital Skin at Winter Lights fest at Canary Wharf. Amazing! [ Link ]
We have just released new dates for our v. popular #CanadaHouse tours. Grab a space before we book up! [ Link ]
Staff at Victoria Embankment Gardens are busy sowing the seeds of #Canada150 - planting special-edition red and white tulip bulbs! Enter our contest to win a box of #Canada150 tulip bulbs - send us your pics of how you celebrate Canada in the UK! Deadline Friday.
In #NewBrunswick, explore the most famous salmon river in the world: Miramichi #Canada150
Known as one the best yellow potatoes ever grown, the Yukon gold variety was developed by Canadian Gary Johnston in 1966 #Canada150
Our new exhibit is open to the public as of today at the #CanadaHouse gallery [ Link ]
We are pleased to host artist @Salgado_andrew at #CanadaHouse for the opening of his new exhibit TEN [ Link ]
Do you know an inspiring young Cdn in the UK? Email for info on how they could take part in a special event
Our January newsletter of Canadian events in the UK is now online! [ Link ]
#FunFact Ice hockey made its Olympic debut at the 1920 Summer Games. You know
who won the gold, right? #Canada150
The arrival of 25,000 Dutch people between 1890 & 1930 in Canada played a significant role in opening up the Canadian Prairies #Canada150
The 4.02 million people living in Montreal's metro area make it the 4th largest French-speaking city in the world. #Canada150
One of the world’s most popular sports was born in 1892, when Canadian James Naismith published the 13 “Rules of Basketball” #Canada150
High Commissioner Janice Charette shares her message for 2017, a very special year for Canada #Canada150
During #WW1, Canadian Doctor Cluny McPherson saved the lives of countless soldiers with his invention of the gas mask in 1915 #Canada150
2017 marks Canada’s 150th, how about starting the year with some #FunFacts about our country? Since Canada’s first Olympic Games in 1900, our athletes have won 303 medals at 26 Summer Games and 170 medals at 22 Winter Games #Canada150
Our office is closed today for the new year. If you’re a Canadian in urgent need of help call 00 800 23266831