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You’re Not Against Cannabis Legalization, You’re Against Corporate Weed (And That’s Cool, But…) – High Times
A hack at the Heritage Foundation says "pot pushers—those that push smoked and edible marijuana as “medicine”—don’t want you to know about these safe alternatives." Yeah, because pharmaceuticals have never harmed anyone, riiiiiight.

And I'm sure that our broken health care system will make sure that these proprietary pills and sprays are super cheap and easy to access, unlike a plant that...
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The Medical Marijuana Movement Is a Scam
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California is poised to become the center of cannabis culture
"if 800,000 people a year were getting arrested for possessing avocados, then everyone would say guacamole makes them paranoid." David Bienenstock, author of "How To Smoke Pot (Properly)"

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A Professional Stoner Explains How to Smoke Pot Properly in 2016 | VICE | Canada
Tell everyone you know to follow Free The Schwab Children and let's get these kids back to their family. Kansas CPS kidnapped the kids because father is a veteran with PTSD who uses cannabis to treat his condition in Colorado.

This is an outrage!

Vet Goes on Hunger Strike After the State Took His Kids for Him Legally Using Cannabis for PTSD
Do Couples that Blaze Together Stay Together?

This Valentine’s Day, Get High With the One You Love
"Imagine what would happen if instead of trying to 'save the world' by alternating between dropping bombs on the planet’s most destitute and war-torn regions and sending in shipments of relief food to be stolen and fought over, we instead set a goal of helping those communities collectively plant, grow, harvest, process, and distribute a humanitarian cannabis crop of sufficient size to form...
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Is Weed-Infused Hemp Gruel the Key To World Peace?
If you care about cannabis, please SHARE (not like, but share) this Huffington Post feature story on #SaveWAMM. And if you think the medical marijuana movement should serve people and patients, not Big Pharma and "industry" profits, please make a donation here: [ Link ]

A Scramble Is On To Save One Of California's Iconic Medical Pot Collectives
A handful of High Times Cannabis Cup VIP tickets for this weekend in SF now available for just $49 (50% off face value) if you follow this link and donate to WAMM...

CLICK HERE to support Save WAMM! The 'Gold Standard' Cannabis Collective
Do you know someone who might want to buy VIP tickets to the SF Cannabis Cup (June 20-21) while also supporting #SaveWAMM, the most compassionate cannabis collective on the planet. Please share this status with them and encourage them to do good while having a good time by snapping up one of the 8 VIP tickets High Times has generously donated to WAMM's Indiegogo Campaign - tickets will be...
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CLICK HERE to support Save WAMM! The 'Gold Standard' Cannabis Collective
Who saw the original Nonna Marijuana video and wanted to share a medical meal prepared by this 92 Year Old OG herbal legend? Well now's your chance...

Eat with Nonna Marijuana to Save Her Daughter's Cannabis Collective
Fuck censorship! #FreeTheWeed [ Link ]
Join Big Pete's Treats for a beach clean up event this Saturday!

Beach Cleanup at Twin Lakes

Support socially responsible businesses like Flow Kana and help the animals at Berkeley Humane while you're at it!
Haven't you ever wondered how to make the best cannabutter? High Times Cookbook author Elise McDonough lab tests four popular infusion methods, with results posted this Friday!

Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment: Method 1

We put four popular cannabutter infusion methods to the test, then sent the results off to two separate labs to determine, once and for all, which one works ...

We're almost to 20k!!!! Help us get there!

Thank you to Poseidon Asset Management, LLC, Auntie Dolores, VapeXhale Vaporizer & Meadow Cannabis Delivery for a very generous donation! If other cannabis businesses join together to #SaveWAMM, I'm confident we'll meet our goal.

Valerie Corral helped author Prop 215, the initiative which legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996. I hope to...
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