Highland Park Whisky
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We made whisky when no one else would, because we made whisky when no one else could #VikingSoul

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Highland Park Whisky
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30 years ago, our master distiller decided to lay down the casks that would go on to become the heart of this exceptional whisky and over these three decades, the whisky maturing inside them has developed an outstanding balance, with a seductive sweetness and extremely delicate smoke. Treating this whisky with respect will reward you with breath-taking results.
Highland Park Whisky
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Here at Highland Park we use the same traditional tools as we have for over 200 years. Do what you love, and Monday won't be a problem. #MondayMotivation

Image Credit; Highland Park Distillery, by Søren Solkær
Highland Park Whisky
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Highland Park Whisky
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You made it to the weekend. We'll drink to that #VikingSoul
Truth and legend surround distiller, smuggler and Orcadian Magnus Eunson. He was a man of many jobs including butcher and a minor church official.

Stories about Magnus show him to be brave and ingenious, and not above hiding casks of whisky under the pulpit to avoid it falling into the hands of the customs.
Why not give her something special this Valentine's Day?
The perfect accompaniment to a leisurely game of pool.

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Toad-in-the-hole using Highland Park Whisky-infused sausages. Why didn’t we think of that?

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A Take on the Traditional Toad in the Hole - Highland Park

Highland Park FIRE Edition is a special release 15 year old single malt which has been matured in 100% refill Port wine seasoned casks – a first for Highland Park.
Where will your weekend take you? #VikingSoul
If being home to ‘The Best Spirit in the World’ wasn’t reason enough to pay a visit to Orkney, you might be tempted now it’s once again been named the best place to live in Scotland.

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Looking for life satisfaction….best move to Orkney - Highland Park

Last year we welcomed a new member to the Highland Park Whisky team. Gordon Motion is a Master Whisky Maker with a long career. You can find out more about Gordon by reading our latest blog.

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American Oak trees grow tall and straight, like giant pencils. This straightness and the climate cause the wood grain to be much tighter and therefore the heart of the wood has less interaction with the new make spirit.

The American oak tree provides a lighter colour of whisky and gives us a citrus, vanilla and coconut flavours and how we combine our European and American casks and in what...
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WIN! One of five Highland Park stainless steel flasks in our latest competition.

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Highland Park is delighted to have been awarded SIX medals at the 2016 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition, including GOLD for our Highland Park 25 Year Old Whisky.

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Six is the Magic Number - Highland Park

Beef Brisket Sliders by Root & Bone, who after providing the incredible food at our Midsummer Solstice last June, have shared this recipe on our blog.

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Beef Brisket Sliders by Root & Bone - Highland Park

We can definitely see Friday from here! #whiskywednesday
Up to 100 casks are combined for each batch of Highland Park 12 Year Old created, and even fewer casks for the older expressions. For our 12 year old, each cask must be 12 years old or over, the wood type could be American or European, but the strength in the each cask will not be the same. The natural colour will also be different, but remember, our colour and flavour is 100% natural.
‘A Guid New Year’ from all of us Highland Park Whisky