Our social media fans have been sharing some great photos with us over the last couple of weeks.

Including some great snow photos like this one by taylordundee on Instagram: [ Socsi.in Link ]
We hope this picture of a happy looking red panda brightens up your day as it did ours.

Thanks to John Monks for sharing this great photo with us.
The animals at the Park have been out and about exploring the recent snow fall.

Check out these great photos taken by Jan Morse.
Join us on 5 February when we will be showing Dr Seuss' The Lorax as part of the Food on film Festival.

This event is free with Park entry but spaces are limited, book yours now at: [ Socsi.in Link ]
β€ͺDue to the recent snowfall the main drive through will be closed today but the rest of the Park is open. Take care on the roads! ❄ β›„ ‬
Learn about the animals in the main drive through reserve with our audio guide.

Download, before your next visit, or listen to it here: [ Soundcloud.com Link ]
Over the festive period our social media fans have been sharing some lovely photos with us.

Here are some of our favourites including this one by Emma Connor on Facebook: [ Socsi.in Link ]
Are you 16-18 years old? Are you interested in science and conservation? Then why not apply now for the FREE RZSS_education Science Summer School 2017 at Highland Wildlife Park.

Find out more about this week long course on our website: [ Rzss.org.uk Link ]
When you visit, you can learn more about the animals with our daily keeper talks, including the beautiful snow leopards, Chan and Animesh at 1.45pm.

Find out about the other talks are taking place: [ Highlandwildlifepark.org.uk Link ]
Got the 'back at work blues'? Why not login and watch the macaques mischievous antics live on our snow monkey webcam!
[ Highlandwildlifepark.org.uk Link ]
What a great photo of snow leopards Chan and Animesh, posted on Instagram by @leannecooper92 ...
Happy New Year!

Just a few of the highlights from a memorable year in the photos attached. Thank you to all our visitors, members and supporters for a memorable year, and very best wishes for 2017!
Inspired by a recent visit to the Park, @judesimms1has painted this stunning photo of the great grey owls. It seems appropriate to share this on New Years Eve as it has been painted onto the lid of an old whisky barrel! ;)
In 2016 RZSS celebrated 30 years of running the Highland Wildlife Park. Find out more about some of the people and animals who have contributed so much to its development, in this excerpt from our exclusive members' magazine LifeLinks:

[ Issuu.com Link ]

For more information about how you can become an RZSS member, please visit:
[ Rzss.org.uk Link ]

Park Life - RZSS celebrates 30 years of running the Highland Wildlife Park.

The RZSS Wild about Scotland outreach bus has been busy touring the country and engaging school children with our amazing native wildlife.

Find out more about what they have been up to in their latest blog!
Make the most of your visit by taking one of our daily Land Rover tours of the Main Reserve, where you can catch a glimpse of our European bison, Red deer, Bukhara deer, Elk, Przewalski's Horses, Vicuna and wild birds.

Bookable in the shop on arrival in the Park. Suggested donation of Β£1.00 per person.

Find out more: [ Highlandwildlifepark.org.uk Link ]

Remember on days with deep snow and...
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Our animals like presents too and polar bear Walker was surprised by his.

If you would like to treat our animals check out our animal wishlist here: [ Socsi.in Link ]
Merry Christmas from all the staff and animals at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park.
Advent day 24

With the cold winter weather the Arctic foxes are now showing off their beautiful thick white winter coats, compared to the lighter, darker summer ones.
Advent Day 23

This year we were delighted to welcome four new Japanese macaques or snow monkey babies into the troop.

Don't forget you can watch them live on snow monkey cam: [ Socsi.in Link ]