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"No matter what happens, as two religious minority groups on campus, we will always stay in solidarity and hand-in-hand."
- Omar El-Etr, '19 BucknellU

Historic Jewish-Muslim Shabbat and Solidarity Dinner unites two communities

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Gracias/obrigado (thanks), Matthew Bronfman, for meeting with Hillel Onward Israel students from Hillel Buenos Aires, Hillel Córdoba, Hillel Rio and Hillel Uruguay at IKEA Israel!
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After vandals knocked over and damaged more than 150 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in Missouri, Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis stepped up with a fundraising and volunteer campaign. #WashUforChesed

Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery Support Effort

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"After joining Hillel and finding people similar to her, [Rachel] Rudnicki came to a realization.

'[If] you are Jewish, don’t let somebody tell you you’re not,' she was told at one point by a member of Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh."

Students share experiences with intersectional feminism, religion, race - The Pitt News

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Looking for an action-packed summer internship in DC? We've got openings across departments at the Schusterman International Center. Applications due Friday (2/24).

Hillel International Summer Internships 2017

Want to be a Springboard Innovation Fellow like Emma Kaplan at Penn State Hillel? Head to hillel.org/fellowships to apply! Deadline's tonight.
“#OnOneFoot is so important, because it not only gives students an opportunity to feel like a leader on campus, but it also caters to our needs.” - Sammy Schneider, University of Miami Hillel '17

Competing for a Cause

"To me it is so simple and straightforward to recognize that the most important asset you have isn’t a particular program that you’re running or a particular curriculum you’re teaching. Certainly you need a good product, but it matters so much, the people who are delivering that product and the way that they deliver it."

- Hillel International Chief Talent Officer Mimi Kravetz

Google Alumna Helps Hillel Raise Millions to Build Staff

“The Excellence Accelerator is an important step in helping our Hillels improve Jewish student life on campus, no matter its size or level of funding.”

Hillel International to Pilot New Program Fostering Growth on 10 Campuses

Continuing its drive to cultivate the next generation of Jewish leaders, Hillel International is expanding its Springboard Fellowship with a second cohort of 25 new participants for the next year of the program, building on the first class of 20 early career professionals.

Hillel International Springboard Fellowship Welcomes Second Cohort, Expands Focus to Include Social Justice

"This is us. This is who we are as individuals and as a community. Individuals with disabilities are our neighbors and we shouldn't treat them any differently than we would ourselves."

Meet Tova Kline, member of inaugural cohort of Ruderman Inclusion Ambassadors


“After working on the reporting side of journalism during my first two years at Penn State, I wanted to take this summer to dip my toes in a different side of journalism, and I did that interning at the Jerusalem Press Club. This summer so far has been great because I am learning a lot about the other side of journalism. Going from covering press conferences to working them (and...
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Emma, along with 19 other recent college grads, formed Hillel’s first Springboard Fellowship class. This paid two-year program provides opportunities for recent grads to launch their careers, receive in-depth training, and reimagine Jewish student life.

Applications are NOW OPEN for the next Springboard Fellowship class in 2 tracks: Innovation or Social Justice. Know someone who might be a...
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“In my mind, disability inclusion on campus involves making every aspect of campus life accessible to disabled students without having to differentiate." #JDAIM17

Advocates for Inclusion: Hillel delegation takes to Capitol Hill

In honor of Tu B'Shevat tonight, the Jewish Arbor Day, check out these Hillels which have gone #green.

Follow the sun: Hillel goes solar

"Through its #OnOneFoot initiative, Hillel Ontario is demonstrating how hundreds of students are aptly taking responsibility and ownership of their own Jewish campus life, and actively leading their communities in crafting, executing and evaluating a shared vision."

When 200 Students raise $100,000 for their Hillel in 4 Weeks

"Regardless of age, everyone is happy to be at Silverstein Base Hillel and grateful to have somewhere to build a Jewish community in this large city."

JUF News : Home ‘Base’ hits home run

Launch your career and Jewish life on campus, as part of the Springboard Fellowship with Hillel International. Apply now .
"I always felt inclined to put some sort of a meaning into all my art, and often felt drawn (no pun intended) to make that message have to do with the depression I was going through. Painting about it made it more real and less in my head."

Meet the Jewish Teen Who’s Capturing What Mental Illness Looks Like

"Going forward, people must bear in mind that even though individuals who have special needs might at times need extra assistance, it is critical to do your very best to be inclusive of all individuals, regardless of whether one has special needs."


Three of the most important things about inclusion