We love that every Sunday we are empowered to be an influence in every sphere of life! Most importantly, we love the community that our church brings; that each person we meet is yet another amazing story of a life changed.
Happy Birthday to our Global Senior Pastor and President of Hillsong College, Brian Houston! Thank you for leading our church with a powerful vision and always keeping Jesus at the center. As a College we're with you 100% and we're so excited for what is ahead!
Tune in for Season 2, Episode 4 of Chapel: The College Experience on Hillsong.com/channel.
Find your time below, and we’ll see you there ✌!
Friday, February 17th
8pm PST
7pm GMT
8:30pm AEDT
3 weeks into semester and our students are already being equipped with practical skills and education for their journey ahead - making them forerunners for change in their community and local church. Step into A New Era of possibility in your life and apply for Hillsong College today: hillsong.com/college/apply!
Here are some exciting things that are happening within the life of Hillsong Church! God is doing amazing things in His Church around the world and we, as Hillsong College, are so blessed to be a part of it!
We are LIVE! Come sit in for Chapel and experience a taste of what God is doing at Hillsong College! #hillsongcollege
Beginning March 6th, we will now offer degree subjects ONLINE - in conjunction with Alphacrucis. We are so excited to announce this new era of education that will help us continue to train and equip pastors and leaders worldwide!
Go to hillsong.com/college/online for more info or to apply and tag someone who needs to...
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“The secret to living a life of purpose is living for something bigger than yourself” - Elise Jonsson, Pastoral Trainer.
We are BACK and our classes and workshops are in full force! With the purpose of God in hand, our students are taking new ground in this era of College education!
On this incredible Vision Weekend, Ps. Brian Houston challenged us with the vision for our global church for 2017, hundreds of people were baptised, AND we celebrated Ps. Bobbie Houston's birthday! #youaretheone
Hillsong College is so excited for our annual Vision Weekend where our Senior Pastor @brianchouston will be sharing God given focus and direction for our Church and College in 2017! Make sure you don’t miss out this Sunday at a Hillsong Church near you!
YOU’RE INVITED! Tune in for Season 2, Episode 3 of Chapel: The College Experience on Hillsong.com/channel tonight! #hillsongcollege #chapelthecollegeexperience
Experience worship like never before, witness creativity in its rawest form and be challenged and inspired by the Word of God at TEAM NIGHT!
If you want to be involved creatively in any way, come and join the family at Team Nights - 7PM start in the Epicentre at Hills or Doody St at the City! #TeamNight #HillsongCollege
We're pumped to share with you all the new things that are coming out of Hillsong College!
Here are two ways YOU can be part of the adventure:
1. Head over to hil.so/s/7r7 to read a new blog by our Executive Vice President, Lee Burns, titled; "You are Empowered!"
2. Tune into Season 2 of Chapel: The College Experience, airing Fridays! Next episode airs on Feb 10 (8pm PST/ 7pm GMT/ 8:30pm...
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God is doing amazing things in our midst! Special thank you to Duncan Corby for giving us a fresh perspective on the call of God in Chapel today! Remember, it's not too late to apply for January 2017 semester! It will be life changing in the best way possible!
We're so excited to share the latest blog by our very own Executive Vice President, Lee Burns!
Click the link: hil.so/s/7r7 to read it and tag a friend who would be encouraged by this!
It is an amazing privilege for our students to sit in and learn from world class staff here at Hillsong Church! At the combined Staff-Student meeting, they're able to take away practical ministry tools that can empower them to be bolder in their calling and be more equipped for their future.
We are SO EXCITED for the first week of College! Lectures are in full swing, tutorials groups and creative workshops are getting together, and our Chapels are back! There's nothing like the first semester of a new era!
Tonight our friends from @bethelmusic led us in powerful worship and our Global Senior Pastor, Brian Houston, preached an epic message on Spirit-filled perspective!! There's no place like home on a Sunday Night!
So many fun things to do when you live in Sydney, Australia! If you're keen for a swim, head to Manly Beach, or for some breathtaking views, go on a hike at the Blue Mountains⛰! Adventure awaits for those who seek it!✌‍♀
Hillsong College takes discipleship seriously - we seek to facilitate relationships that will empower and grow our students. Today our January 2017 intake had an amazing opportunity to begin building these relationships with our Hillsong College and Hillsong Church staff over breakfast! We couldn't be more grateful for all the input they have in our student's lives! Thank you to everyone who...
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