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Hillsong Young & Free
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We haven't forgotten about your amazing #YouthRevivalAcoustic covers! Keep posting them and using the hashtag, cause we're gonna pick a winner this week! This cover of ‘In Your Eyes’ is by Jillana Jones.
Hillsong Young & Free
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We released a cheeky new version of Where You Are on Friday. It's the same song you know (and maybe even love)... Reimagined. Available everywhere.

Tell us what you think in the comments!
Where You Are (Reimagined) is out now! It's one track. One drop (technically two drops...) One party. Available everywhere now!
One more thing... there's a track that we made around the same time as our acoustic project that just didn't seem to fit on #YouthRevivalAcoustic, and so we thought we'd hold off to release it... until tomorrow!
We're live at Billboard right now, having some laughs and talking a bit about #YouthRevivalAcoustic!
We're pretty big fans of your #YouthRevivalAcoustic covers! Like how good is this cheeky ukulele cover of ’Where You Are’ by Brianna Salinas?!

P.S. #YouthRevivalNights are on pre-sale now! Use code REVIVAL at hillsong.com/YouthRevivalNights.
We've got the perfect song to wind down after our #YouthRevivalNights announcement yesterday... When The Fight Calls (Acoustic) is now on our YouTube channel along with Only Wanna Sing, Falling Into You, Where You Are & Real Love. #YouthRevivalAcoustic

But don't wind down too far… Youth Revival Nights pre-sale starts tomorrow!

When The Fight Calls (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

When The Fight Calls (Acoustic) from Youth Revival Acoustic. Get your copy at http://smarturl.it/YouthRevivalAcoustic?IQid=yt. Watch it live: https://youtu.b...

AHH USA! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU THIS SPRING and we’re bringing our #YouthRevivalNights!
We didn't want our Facebook friends to miss out, so we made tickets available for pre-sale from this Friday March 3 using the code REVIVAL.
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Only Wanna Sing (Acoustic) is now on our YouTube channel along with Falling Into You, Where You Are & Real Love! Everything you need to get over that Mondayitis! #YouthRevivalAcoustic

Only Wanna Sing (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

Only Wanna Sing (Acoustic) from Youth Revival Acoustic. Get your copy at http://smarturl.it/YouthRevivalAcoustic. Watch it live: https://youtu.be/fz1vGNMvQOU...

It's Laura Toggs' BIRTHDAY! So we surprised her from the other side of the country to make her one birthday wish come true... an ACOUSTIC arrangement of her favourite song from The Lion King! #NotYouthRevivalAcoustic
We thought our acoustic version of Falling Into You was chill, but THIS cover of Falling Into You is putting us to sleep! Nice work Frederick, Laura & Bernard Manuel.

We're only just getting started with your #YouthRevivalAcoustic covers... so keep sending them in! We've got a pretty cool prize coming for the winner.
If you're not already subscribed to our YouTube channel, there's probably never been a better time. Trust us.

We're releasing videos for every single song on #YouthRevivalAcoustic on our channel! Falling Into You (Acoustic) is on YouTube righttt nowww!

Falling Into You (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free

Falling Into You (Acoustic) from Youth Revival Acoustic. Get your copy at http://smarturl.it/YouthRevivalAcoustic. Watch it live: https://youtu.be/6jgADZwP4S...

ICYMI: #YouthRevivalAcoustic is OUT NOW! It's crazy to think that we released Youth Revival a year ago today! Do we call this a birthday or an anniversary?!
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Youth Revival Acoustic is OUT NOW! We took some of our favourite songs from Youth Revival, stripped them back and recorded them live at our Y&F studio. Get your copy at [ Smarturl.it Link ]. #YouthRevivalAcoustic
We couldn't help it. One more sneak peak before #YouthRevivalAcoustic is released this Friday/ Friyay!

Where You Are (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free - YouTube

Let's say you really wanted to record an acoustic cover of your favourite Youth Revival song... so you got a little band together and it took you 4 takes to figure out what key you were in... this video goes out to you.

Keep your covers coming! Don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #YouthRevivalAcoustic

Youth Revival Acoustic, out Friday!
We've had some amazing cover videos submitted these past few days.
But what could possibly be better than a Young & Free cover video?
A Young & Free cover medley by Elation! #YouthRevivalAcoustic