Himachal Pradesh
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Picture by Himanshu Khagta

Kullu deity being carried outside Raghunath Temple.

Every village in Himachal has their own deities with shamans to translate.

Are you from Himachal? Whats the name of your deity? Do share in the comments below.
Early Winter Drive from Manali to Kaza via Himalayan Roads |
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Portrait of a gentleman from somewhere in #Kullu valley by Himanshu Khagta
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Pic by Himanshu Khagta
Video of the scary road to Langza by Himalayan Roads

Scary Road to Langza in Spiti Valley - Trans Himalayas

Timelapse - #Kotgarh at Night

By Himanshu Khagta on his new Youtube Channel

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Timelapse - Kotgarh at Night

Stars move above the valley as seen from Pamlai village of Thanedhar in Kotgarh area of Shimla. HIMANSHU KHAGTA WEBSITE - http://documenting.life PORTFOLIO -...

Drive through the forests of Tirthan valley to an Ancient Temple of Himachal
Himalayan Roads takes you to Bahu Nag Temple in Kullu Valley. Have a look.

Narrow Road to an Ancient Temple in Himachal

We drive on the narrow road through a thick forest of Jibhi area to the ancient temple of Bahu Nag in #Tirthan valley of #Kullu, #Himachal Pradesh. Car - Mit...

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