Buy products made from recyclable material. Nowadays, many bottles, cans, containers, and cartons are made from recycled material. By using these you can contribute towards the environment in a big way. #iCleanTheEnvironment
Want to delight your family with a mouth-watering dish? Treat them with Baked Chicken with the help of this simple recipe: [ Link ] #FoodieFriday
Who would have thought that the amount of sugar in a regular cola can make such a difference? Just take out one from your Hitachi refrigerator and have a sip.
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During winters, include food like kiwifruit, lemons, and broccoli that is high in vitamin C, this will help keep your immune system strong and safe during the season. #winters #mornings
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There’s a lot more to recycling than just putting the right thing in the right box – you can recycle almost anything, from furniture and electrical goods to food scraps. #iCleanTheEnvironment
Want to enjoy a quick healthy snack without any hassles? Try Macaroni Salad and enjoy the evening on a healthy note. Check out the recipe: [ Link ] #FoodieFriday
Truly, a mind-boggling fact. #FactAttack
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In winter season, a short sun break is a great way to destress and take a breather while upping your vitamin D levels.
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This New Year, make a resolution towards the environment as well. Start carpooling, it doesn’t just benefit your wallet; it can positively affect the environment and the traffic in your area as well. #iCleanTheEnvironment
What’s better than a bowl of Chicken noodle soup on a cold winter evening? Check out the recipe: [ Link ] #FoodieFriday
When stuck in a traffic jam, slightly lower down windows of your car for better air circulation. #FactAttack
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Winter is the perfect season for porridge. Eating a warm bowlful on a cold morning isn't just a delicious way to start your day, it also helps boost your intake of starchy foods and fibre.
May this New Year bring you with good luck, good health, good fortune and good times. Hitachi wishes you all a very Happy New Year!
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Holiday season is here, give a cupcake treat to your loved ones. Here’s a quick and simple recipe: [ Link ] #FoodieFriday