Are you a podcast listener? In our latest episode, we learn about Eric's promise to last season's lifeguards, Matt's issues with a iconic fairy, and some new combos coming to Goblin Burgers. [ Link ]

Episode 027 - The One with the Tell-Tale Tattoo
Getting a little loopy waiting for "launchtime" to come around again? Opening day is April 29!
Making plans for a multi-day visit? We recommend overnights at Big Splash Adventure in French Lick! More here: [ Link ]
Rub-a-dub-dub - let's take out that tub! As we take down Watubee's old slide tower and get ready to build the new one, we set the green loading tub safely aside.
Podcast: Firecracker update, Ride Op school, fancy new burgers, and ... the Tooth Fairy?
[ Link ]

Episode 027 - The One with the Tell-Tale Tattoo
Eagles Flight gets a new sign this season. Who likes riding those colorful eagles?
We're hiring 2,200 seasonal employees. Apply online now! [ Link ]
LIVE: Another beautiful sunset at Holiday World!
Just one more day to enter our "Ready to Ride" Sweepstakes! Winner receives four park tickets plus overnights in a Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Holiday Cottage. Enter now! [ Link ]

Ready to Ride! Sweepstakes - Holiday World
Today's podcast episode brings updates about Firecracker, Watubee, Zinga, plus a bevy of burgers for 2017! [ Link ]

Podcast: Tell-Tale Tattoo - Holiday World
New HoliBlog post: "Love roller coaster"

Love roller coaster - Holiday World
Watubee gets a new slide tower this season! But first, we must remove the old one. Who's ready for water-park weather?
Enter daily! You could win a getaway with tickets and overnights!

Ready to Ride! Sweepstakes - Holiday World
Podcast: Pot Roast Panini, our first IT intern honored, a Firecracker update, Matt's tutu insistence, and a visit from HR. [ Link ]

Episode 026 - The One With the Hire and Hire
Skillet headlines Rock the World this year!
Can't wait to read Mick Foley's new book! He announced his upcoming Santa memoir on our podcast last fall: [ Link ] (And how cool is his recliner?!)
Been meaning to get Season Passes? Don't miss this deadline: Sign up for our "Easy Pay" plan with three monthly payments by February 15: [ Link ]
Have you ever had pizza for Thanksgiving? #NationalPizzaDay #GobblerGetaway #SpoilerAlert
Have you ever had pizza for Thanksgiving? #NationalPizzaDay #GobblerGetaway #SpoilerAlert
Check out these new cabins just a few miles away from us! We recommend Lincoln Pines Lakefront Resort for your next visit: [ Link ]