New podcast episode, with Director of Maintenance, John WOODard: [ Link ]

Podcast: Wooden you like to know? - Holiday World
Win a giveaway! Last chance to enter - good luck to all!

Cabin Fever sweepstakes - Holiday World
Have you entered our Cabin Fever Sweepstakes yet? You could win 4 park tickets plus 2 overnights in a Christmas cabin!

Cabin Fever sweepstakes - Holiday World
Our next podcast episode will be called "Wooden You Like to Know." Any wooden-coaster questions for VP James? Post them here, please. Meanwhile, here's our latest episode:
[ Link ]

Episode 024 - The One with the Prodigal Oboe
Hope this cheers you up on #blueMonday as our painters restore and then paint half of Firecracker's cars blue. (The rest will be red.)
Podcast: Firecracker's restoration, winter work on our wooden coasters, resolutions and park trivia: [ Link ]

Episode 024 - The One with the Prodigal Oboe
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Now hiring: Singers, Dancers, Musicians. Auditions for our musical shows are January 28! [ Link ]
Greetings from Orlando and the week-long AIMS International Safety Seminar!
It's the first week of January - and what are we up to at Holiday World? Matt, Lauren, Leah and William (in "the booth" at our Paint Shop) bring you up to date!
Firecracker and wooden-coaster updates on this podcast episode! Oh, and New Years Resolutions for Matt, since he was absent. [ Link ]

Episode 024 - The One with the Prodigal Oboe
Did you get any snow this week? Here's a look at our World ...
How's this for an obscure holiday: It's Bean Day! Celebrate with our Plymouth Rock Cafe Green Beans - here's the recipe: [ Link ]

The key: Wiggly, but not floppy - Holiday World
Best discounts for Season Passes disappear soon! Here's where to order: [ Link ]
Snowed in today? Winter won't last forever! Apply now for one of our fun seasonal jobs: [ Link ]