Hollywood Undead
02/24/2017 at 19:50. Facebook
# @linkinpark
@undead_magic951 filling in for Charlie Scene
Johnny 3 writing lyrics
Getting the 7 string metalfied by @sako33drguitar @schecterguitarsofficial @skumlove
Only 1 of these has seen stage action. The other 3 never will. Studio life for them. Taking them to Schecter Guitars
to get studio ready
Caught Johnny shredding. We've been using @sitstrings strings for years. They've always made she we got what we need worldwide! Thanks to @hoogieontheroad and @wbgear #thegearyouneed
Fuck yeah @yesterdays.co
Help out our long time friend. This is a guy we grew up with and was even in a few of our music videos. His dad needs some help.

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3 Emcee's, 2 screens, 1 hit song, you do the math.
Pondering life's mysteries
Everyday when we're on tour
What Funny Man is like when we play a festival
Repost from @katellarrei
On set with @thatoneant22 @jerryconstantinefx on his zombie ish.