Hollywood Undead
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Hollywood Undead
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3 Emcee's, 2 screens, 1 hit song, you do the math.
Hollywood Undead
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Hollywood Undead
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Pondering life's mysteries
Everyday when we're on tour
What Funny Man is like when we play a festival
Repost from @katellarrei
On set with @thatoneant22 @jerryconstantinefx on his zombie ish.
Beachin out in this bish taking the new Slate VMS microphone for a walk at Sean Gould's studio. Slate Digital LLC
Our mask man @jerryconstantinefx showing @thatoneant22 and us some zombie shit he's making for a movie
Check out the song "Roman Sky" on their new album. Instant classic! @avengedsevenfold
Check out some of the stuff we write and record with from Toontrack. November is metal monthhhhhhhhhhh

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@alvasmusic with @chris_solizz
Watch these dorks turn into cartoons and hangout with aliens made out of monster energy drinks in their new video @attila_ga