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It's all going down in Summer Bay this week...
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The Summer Grooves festival is in full swing in Summer Bay this week.
Flames are returning to Summer Bay but who's the culprit?
We don't know about you but we're in serious need of a Monday morning coffee too! β˜•

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Listen up, Home and Awayers - 5STAR will be showing two exciting Home and Away specials.

Don't miss Home and Away: Revenge on Monday 13th March at 7pm and Home and Away: All or Nothing on Tuesday 14th March at 7pm.
When someone shares with you some juicy Home and Away spoilers .
Just a little something to brighten your Tuesday afternoon. β˜€
Nate is NOT happy with the headlines in Summer Bay...
Is there trouble for Phoebe in this week's Home and Away?
So much for Phoebe.
Yikes! Looks like we're in for another explosive week in Summer Bay, Home and Awayers...
Happy Valentine's day from Summer Bay. β˜€
Oh no. We hate it when these two fight . Do you think they should be together, Home and Awayers?