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We wanted to share a few quick tips to help you read with your child. Do you have any to add? What works with your family?
Madelyn, age 2, working away with Dad on her White House drawing. She's gearing up for a fun #YankeeDoodleDanceParty tonight!
We are proud to partner with Thomas Jefferson's Monticello to share the story of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in an interactive lesson within the Homer app. Homer invites little ones on a virtual field trip to Monticello, where they will learn about America’s 3rd President, his home, and his many accomplishments. Download Homer today! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Who is ready for a #YankeeDoodleDanceParty today? Show off some moves as you create excitement around history. [ Bit.ly Link ]
#MotivationalMonday Rise and shine! It's Presidents' Day celebration time.
Have you taken this weekend to talk history with your child? Here are a few tips from Literacy Experts Keith Meacham and Stephanie Dua.

5 Tips for Talking History to Your Kindergartener

Five-year-old Rick from Tribbett, Mississippi kicked off the Presidents' Day weekend by reading Homer's lesson on Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and then acing a dot-to-dot printable that reveals, number by number, what the 3rd President's house looks like. What could be better? Math, history and art in one fun lesson.
Get ready for Presidents' Day with our fantastic assortment of printables. Your little one can be an architect, draw faces on money, and brainstorm about being the President. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Mo’s words empowering kids is worth a listen. He talks about his simple characters, empathy, and kids writing their own stories. [ Ow.ly Link ] Mo Willems

Mo Willems Talks To Children – And Us

Do you have what you need to take your children on an official Presidential Tour? We've partnered with Thomas Jefferson's Monticello to give you and your family the ultimate historical experience.

Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Celebrate President's Day with Homer. Learn about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other famous Presidents, plus decorate your very own White House.

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Then visit our "Discover the World" section and scroll down to "US Presidents" and "White House Wonders" to check out all the awesome presidential lessons we've prepared for your child!
A Homer-inspired Valentine from Maggie, a 2nd grader at University School of Nashville (USN/PDS). She created "Did you know?" cards for all 20 kids in her class using facts she learned in our Discover the World section! #spreadkindness #kidscards #valentinesday
Happy Valentine’s Day! Humor your Valentine with these fun facts from Homer - The Best Reading App for Kids! You can find this lesson within the Discover the World section under Ocean Friends. #Happyvday

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Yesterday, as I was thinking about a few more Valentine’s Day activities to do with my two-year-old, I ran across a Facebook post in which another super mom created an adorable Valentine’s hopscotch...

Heart Hopscotch - Lessons From a Botched Valentine's Day Activity

What are your plans this week? How can we cheer you on? #MotivationalMonday
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How do you teach your kids kindness? Hear words of wisdom from Homer's Literacy Experts and fellow moms, Stephanie Dua and Keith Meacham. #spreadkindness #vday
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5 Ways To Teach Kids Kindess This Valentine's Day

Take time to do what makes your soul happy. #MotivationalMonday What energizes you?
If you've already downloaded our printables, you might also like to pair them with delicious cookies and share with neighbors, teachers, and friends. How do you #spreadkindness with your child?

The BEST Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie Recipe