#LearningTips: “Read” the pictures of a new book together before you read the words. Go through the book, starting with the cover and imagine what the story is about.

Take a “walk “through the book looking at the pictures. This is another way of priming a child for reading and for giving them a sense of ownership over the books and stories – a most valuable sense to have!
#FeelGoodFriday share today! Who else loves Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree?

How Oakland is Bringing the Iconic Children’s Book ‘The Giving Tree’

Between outside adventures, trips to the museum, and coloring and crafting, be sure to fit in some reading time with your kids. Here are a few books that teach valuable lessons. They All Saw a Cat reminds kids that everyone has a different perspective. Beekle, through beautiful art and storytelling, talks about finding one’s place in the big world. And then, a book that will really grab a...
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"Studies like these reveal that there is much more going on in toddlers’ and even infants’ minds than was previously believed. With the explicit measures used by Piaget and successors, these deeper layers of kids’ understanding cannot be accessed. The new investigative tools demonstrate that kids know more than they can say: when we scratch beneath the surface, we find a fledgling...
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Children understand far more about other minds than long believed

HOORAY and Happy Day! Avery completed Lesson 2! We are so happy to have another great learner enjoying Homer.
Spring Break is here. What better time to read together?

Here are 3 tips to incorporate real-life reading experiences into your child's vacation:

1. Include your child in the planning: Let your kids help research destinations online and read the descriptions aloud. If they can't read yet, share descriptions with them and ask them which words make them excited to check out the destination.
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Another #HomerAlphabet challenge participant! We love the PEN and PENCIL comparison.
Happy first day of spring! How are you embracing change this week? #MotivationalMonday
Another Letter-P participant found her POP and colored her P with PINK and PURPLE markers. #HomerAlphabet
We spy silly business with POTATO chips as another participant submits his Letter-P project. Thanks for sharing!
Every day, we learn as much from our children and they learn from us. Today, we’re starting a series of shared parent stories about moments in which the child becomes the teacher and the parent gains wisdom. Read about what our co-founder, Stephanie, learned from her child this week! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We wanted to share a recent craft from a fellow creative mom. Nicole, mother to Kavin, age 5, passed along her son’s Leprechaun Land video. When we asked her more about the idea, here’s what she said: “My favorite part of doing school projects with my son, Kavin, is seeing his imagination come to life as his vocabulary increases. Kavin absolutely could live at a park (city or amusement), so it...
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! #Stpatricksday
✨ It’s giveaway time!✨ Join us for Homer’s Letter-P Alphabet Scavenger Hunt, and you and your child could win a $50 gift card to Seedling, a new toy company whose mission is to “Grow Creative Kids.” Click here to download your Letter P and learn how to play. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Any parents prepping to go on a road trip? This will make you chuckle.

Vacationing with Children and Other Ways to Sabotage Your Sanity

Today, we're excited to release our newest #CelebrateRealMoms post highlighting Carla Eades.

When it clicked

Take turns sharing a story over dinner. It’s a wonderful way to build young storytellers — plus the stories can be ridiculously fun!
Music is also a great way to teach storytelling and rhyme. Download the Homer app here - bit.ly/2nF78lx - and check out fun songs like “Jenny Jenkins” or nursery rhymes from Mother Goose teach children how to engage listeners through language and...
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Because we know that Spring Break with the kids at home is no break for Mom!

For Every Mom Stuck Home With Kids Over Spring Break

Our children continue to inspire us. We're cheering on Armani Crews today!

6-year-old gave up birthday party to feed the homeless instead