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Canada really does have it all. Everyone needs to go at least once!

Solo Travel Canada: Insider Tips
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Whether you’re looking for a backpacking adventure of self-discovery or just a city break at your own pace, pick up some local tips from our hosts.
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While most visitors to Rio stick to the south zone and the famous Copacabana, why not stay with Marcia in her home in "Barra" in the West Zone. Explore equally stunning but less crowded beaches
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Planning a day trip to Boston? Here's an itinerary that will help you make the most of it

One Day in Boston: Tips from a local
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"A hidden gem which is off the beaten tourist track - Lake Wainamu or Bethells Lake....kick off your shoes and walk up the shallow, sandy stream barefoot, to the lake." Read other Secret New Zealand tips from those who know it best

Solo Travel New Zealand: Expert Knowledge and Insider Tips
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India is a fascinating country; Home to temples, the Himalayas, palm lined beaches and so much more. Read our sample itineraries to help you plan that trip of a lifetime

India Itineraries: A Solo Travel Adventure
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What better way to explore Kyoto than on a bike with your homestay host

Where to Stay in Kyoto: On Your Bike!
Why you should stay with a local rather than in a hotel - "With a homestay, you know a significant proportion of your accommodation costs are benefiting an individual or community, rather than a multinational chain." ...Rough Guides

Why you should stay with a local rather than in a hotel
We just love Laura's beautiful home in Paris with its own private garden. Book a single loft space from €40 per night

COSY LOFT for citizens of the world
Slide Straight in! Homestays with private pools, guaranteed to provide a much needed cool down dip
Whether you’re visiting for a weekend, a fortnight or even if you live here, Dublin is always presenting things you might have never done or even heard of to do, so here's what we've uncovered for you

Hidden Dublin: 12 Cool Things to do While You're in Town
Make some new friends on your solo travel adventure Down Under

Solo Travel Australia: Expert Knowledge and Insider Tips
A Japanese Homestay? National Geographic Traveller brings out a whole new side to Japan

Japan: No place like homestays | National Geographic Traveller (UK)
Our hosts Barbara and Kurt run a campsite from their home in Western Australia. Read the story of a Perth family who stayed there recently
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White sandy beaches, fascinating history and colourful architecture, this iconic country doesn’t disappoint.

Solo Travel Cuba: Expert Knowledge and Insider Tips
Top tips on moving abroad to Ireland's capital.
Have you got any tips to share?

Study Abroad in Dublin: What you Need to Know
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Best Places to Travel Solo 2017
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