Rules the road, owns the night. The CB650F is built for the street. [ Link ]
Innovative and futuristic.

Honda Riding Assist: concept technology that helps balance the bike with minimal steer.
Exceptionally futuristic.

The Manga inspired NM4 Vultus will feature in the sci-fi fantasy "Ghost in the Shell" alongside Scarlett Johansson: [ Link ]
Lighter than before and a pleasure to ride, the new Fireblade is smooth on the corners as it glides with stunning precision.
[ Link ]
Breaking new ground with the Africa Twin.

Reaching a record-breaking altitude of 5,965 meters in less than 24 hours, encountering mud, sand, ice and sub-zero temperatures in its climb up the Nevado Ojos del Salado.
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When your passion is your purpose #CB1100 [ Link ]
More performance, more agility and more usability. The scooter that already gave you more has just got better for 2017. [ Link ]
The Africa Twin has the accessories to enable any adventure you care to dream of. So stop dreaming, and start doing. [ Link ]
There's no simpler joy than riding home after a long day's work. [ Link ]
Express yourself. [ Link ]
There's only one significant other to spend Valentine's Day with - your bike ‚̧
You don't have to shout to make a statement. Honest, raw, simple - the Rebel. [ Link ]
Find out what your dream bike would look like in all walks of life, with the Honda Moto App. Download here:

Android: [ Link ]
iTunes: [ Link ]
New bikes, new challenges. But some things always feel the same. [ Link ]
Ever wondered why we went from 'FireBlade' to 'Fireblade'? The B was retired in honour of Honda legend Tadao Baba. By designing the groundbreaking original Fireblade, he changed super sport bikes forever. [ Link ]
The Fireblade has never just been about the specs. [ Link ]
The small bike packed with big thrills - the CRF250 Rally. [ Link ]
The Africa Twin, the X-ADV and the CRF250 Rally. Choose your adventure. [ Link ]
The Africa Twin, the X-ADV and the CRF250 Rally. Choose your adventure. [ Link ]