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Serious FD spotted at Thailand Super Series: [ Link ]
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03/25/2017 at 16:01. Facebook
Supercharged roadster in the wild [ Link ]
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New Civic Type R ad gives us an idea of what the car sounds like under throttle

Hear the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Start its Engine (W/Video)
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FK2 Type R prepping for Thailand's Super Series race event: [ Link ]
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B18C5 for #typertuesday pics/story at [ Link ]
J35 on board. Get the full story and pics for this time attack coupe at [ Link ]
ITR in the CPT
Turbo B from Tuner Galleria Chicago [ Link ]
NEW HT Digital feature! Time Attack coupe with a J-series heart!

1995 Honda Civic EX - The Bleeding Edge
Designers of the new, upcoming turbo Si talk about its inspiration

Inside 2017 Honda Civic Si Development
Regamaster rollers at Tuner Galleria Chicago '17: [ Link ]

The Hondas of Tuner Galleria Chicago '17

2017 Tuner Galleria
Full story and photos at: [ Link ]
Old school perfection [ Link ]
600hp, Rotrex-supercharged ITR. Photos and story at [ Link ]
NEW HT Digital feature! Sportcar Motion's supercharged time attack ITR!

1998 Acura Integra Type R – The Race Against Time
What Honda/Acura chassis would you want to swap the new CTR heart into? Info/pics: [ Link ]
When you trade miles per gallon for smiles per gallon: [ Link ]
More images of the CTR direct from the Geneva Motor Show. #typertuesday