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Gallery/story: [ Link ]
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Old school forever.... [ Link ]
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Le boost. Gallery and story at [ Link ]
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Making a stop by Sportcar Motion to check out their time attack Type R and drag hatch
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Classic chassis x modern power. Gallery and story at [ Link ]
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The Mugen GARU Concept S660: [ Link ]

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Turbo micro-machine S660 from the HKS Premium Day event: [ Link ]
No more prototypes, the production version of the Civic Type R debuts in Geneva next month!

Honda Civic Type R Will Debut in Production Form in Geneva
NEW HT Digital feature! Back to basics, this EF3 keeps it simple, effective and functional!

1991 Honda Civic - Worlds Apart
Worth its weight in gold: [ Link ]
In case you weren't already aware, 4 Piston Cylinder Heads builds MONSTERS!
Once an SS cover car, this GS-R was transplanted to its new home in Japan, and made an appearance at Osaka Auto Messe: [ Link ]
SSR-equipped Odyssey from Osaka Auto Messe: [ Link ]
HKS supercharged AP1: [ Link ]
Max Racing-equipped FA5: [ Link ]
A few changes to Bryson's track car which we featured in September: [ Link ]
The power struggle [ Link ]
Monster turbo EK9 [ Link ]
1,000+hp at rest. Full story and gallery: [ Link ]