03/25/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Different, but beautiful. That’s the magic shared by #Honor8 and #Honor8lite. Honor fans, have you tried both yet?
03/23/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Honor fans, did you know your phone can say a lot about your personality? Here’s a personality test: What do you usually do to unwind? #Honor8 #Honor8Lite

A: Sightseeing
B: Shopping
03/21/2017. Facebook
Honor fans, here’s a social experiment:
Picture yourself on a street, and a person suddenly hands you a reflective phone, how would you interpret that? Let us know! You might glean some insights about yourself!
03/18/2017. Facebook
Honor fans, time for another eyesight exam! Can you count the number of #Honor8Lite smartphones amongst all the other phones? It’s a bit harder this time! If you’ve figured it out, tag a friend and challenge them too!
03/16/2017. Facebook
Honor fans, how many stylishly reflective Honor 8 lite-s can you spot in this Kaleidoscope world? #Honor8Lite
03/14/2017. Facebook
Mirror mirror on the wall, you ask questions and we answer them all…at least we’ll try!
So Honor fans, give our Magic #Honor8Lite Mirror a try and see if it has an answer for you!
03/13/2017. Facebook
With #Honor8Lite ’s stylish reflective surface, you could be someone’s #mcm without even knowing!
Honor fans, how else have you used the phone’s reflective glass?
03/11/2017. Facebook
Some weekends are best spent alone, with a good book, and a super stylish smartphone. Honor fans, how did you spend your weekend? #Honor8Lite
03/08/2017. Facebook
International Women's Day – a day to #HonorHer!
Honor fans, what will you be doing today to celebrate her awesomeness? #Honor8Lite #internationalwomensday
03/05/2017. Facebook
Did you know that selfies are more fun when taken with friends? Hence the new Honor 8 Lite’s wide angle front camera!
Honor fans, how many people can you fit in your selfie? Show us for a chance to win a new Honor 8 lite!
Terms and conditions: [ Bit.ly Link ]
03/04/2017. Facebook
Redefine your selfie, capture more with the new 77-degree wide angle front camera on the Honor 8 Lite!
Honor fans, are you ready to be a selfie addict?
03/02/2017. Facebook
When in doubt, white-out!
Honor fans, could the new white Honor 8 lite be your elegant solution to a stylish mix and match?
03/01/2017. Facebook
This year’s DNS Honor Ice Run attracted brave runners from all over the world for a half marathon that challenged their strength and endurance against Vladivostok, Russia’s frigid weathers!
Give them a ‘Like’ to show some support and let us know if you’ve attempted anything this brave!
02/28/2017. Facebook
#Honor6x and #Honor8 are gracing the Honor Booth at MWC 2017 with #HonorMagic!
Fans, have you tried them out yet? Which one was your favorite? Let us know!
02/27/2017. Facebook
Camera! Lights! Action! Match one of the glam-est nights of the year with the glam-est shade of Honor 8 Lite!
#Honor8Lite #OscarAward
02/24/2017. Facebook
With the new Honor 8 Lite’s mix and match versatility, black might have just become the happiest color!
02/22/2017. Facebook
Blue on blue, just for you. With matching versatility like the new Honor 8 Lite, you can make any style yours.
02/20/2017. Facebook
Honor her and all that she stands for, because she’s just that awesome. We have something lite coming in four glamorous colors! Honor fans, what’s her color?
02/17/2017. Facebook
Golden eye shadow? Blue nail polish? Take your makeup game up a notch by accessorizing with Honor 8 Lite!
Honor fan-girls, what’s your makeup matchup going look like?
02/15/2017. Facebook
Honor fans, think about that special someone in your heart! What makes her shine?
Leave a comment and tell us “She shines when _________________.” and tag her!