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Don't let excuses win. Make sure your goals win! #honorsociety
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"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" #honorsociety #washingtondc #whitehouse #inauguration
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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -MLK.
Believe in yourself and let your core values drive you. #MLK #Dream #honorsociety
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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Happy MLK Day. (Pic from Honor Society Washington DC member trip 2015) #MLK #Dream #honorsociety
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Congrats on receiving your Honor Society Grad Pack @texas_style_jazz
#HonorSociety #Graduation #Regalia came in today♥...so blessed...cmon May 13 #May2k17 #2k17 #SmartAndPretty #FutureMD #FutureDoctor #FutureOrthopedicSurgeon #FutureSurgeon #ScienceNerd ‍‍⚕‍
Throwback to the Honor Society Washington D.C. Member Trip. We're currently taking suggestions for our next trip location. Any recommendations? #honorsociety #travelgram
#Repost @vangiexo ~
Love my t-shirt!! Thank you @honorsocietyorg ! I'm honored to be a part of and represent this society; "A tradition of success!" #honorsociety
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What's going to be the title of your 2017 book? #honorsociety #newyearnewgoals
Let them know! ⤵ #appreciation
Winter break is a great time to start prepping for interviews this Spring. Here's the best and bravest question to ask in a job interview.

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Congratulations to all of the Winter 2016 Honor Society graduates! ‍‍
#honorsocietyorg #graduation #2016
Having a goal is more than having an idea and saying you want to go for it. It takes work.

Rohn: These 5 Questions Will Define Where You’re Going in Life

Either way, you're going to prove yourself right-- so just believe in yourself!! #honorsociety #believeinyourself
We're looking for new chapter leaders - not exclusively for presidents - for this coming Spring semester! Apply today and get involved!

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"....Simply put, being open means having a willingness to not immediately say no to something unfamiliar.....the only way to do this, to be truly open (here comes the fun part), is to live outside of your comfort zone."

Why Your Comfort Zone Is the Most Dangerous Place to Live