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03/22/2017 at 10:40. Facebook
We have wrapped up two new girls in our arms this month who were victims of sex trafficking in their early teens. They were taken advantage of by active members of their communities who were local role models for many people. One of the perpetrators has been arrested and jailed. Freedom is sweet! #EndSlavery
Hope for Justice
03/15/2017 at 10:21. Facebook
Another rescue, another person given their freedom! Our UK West Midlands Hub is working with a recruitment agency trained by us to 'spot the signs', who alerted us to a victim being exploited in southern England. He's just been rescued and is safe, far away from his traffickers #ChangeLives #EndSlavery
Are you signed up as a supporter of Hope for Justice? If so, we're sure you'll have found the Hope News update useful and inspiring! If not, here's a clip from it as a sneak peek at what you're missing: some FANTASTIC news from Dave Rogers from our US Office. To get Hope News in future, visit
“Let us pick up our books and pencils. They are our most powerful weapon” - Malala Yousafzai

LOVE seeing how the Hope for Justice Shine Career School is providing and facilitating educational opportunities, vocational training, careers advice and trauma-informed care for survivors of sex trafficking. Our specialist staff do amazing work for the girls, empowering them and giving new...
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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Philippa Hanna will be performing at Hope Gathering on March 25th! She's released some amazing music over the last 10 years and supported the likes of Lionel Richie, Leona Lewis and Little Mix, so it's fantastic to have her joining us at this year's event. Book via
Pleased to support this excellent initiative by The Co-op in the UK giving 30 modern slavery survivors work experience and jobs. Chief executive Steve Murrells is right to say: “Modern slavery will only be stopped by Government, businesses and society working together to ensure supply chains are transparent, so giving this shocking crime no shadow to hide in.”

Co-op provides brighter future for UK victims of modern slavery

Another great speaker for Hope Gathering! Anne-Lisbet Lindal, Hope for Justice International Marketing & Communications Director, is excited to share about the vision and values that bind our organisation together and how you can become an even bigger part of our mission! March 25, Coventry
So excited to announce that Stacey Skeete, breakout star of The Voice UK and a long-time supporter of Hope for Justice, is performing once again at Hope Gathering this year! March 25th in Coventry, make sure to book in

On The Voice, Stacey has already made it through to the Battle rounds, which begin tonight!
Great that Hope for Justice was able to brief the President in person at the White House about human trafficking and modern slavery, joining forces with the other groups who are in this fight to speak loud and clear with one voice.

The President promised to devote more federal resources to this crime and to work more closely with organisations like Hope for Justice.
Great to see supporters raising awareness for END IT Movement Shine A Light Day! Let’s turn awareness into action – make sure to join in! Draw a RED X on your hand, and post a selfie using #ENDITMOVEMENT Tag us in too! @hopeforjustice
Thanks to those pictured for getting involved and all your amazing support
Hope for Justice is a proud member of the #EndIt Coalition. Tomorrow, Feb 23rd, is Shine a Light Day - join in by drawing a RED X on your hand, and post a selfie using #ENDITMOVEMENT. Let's ensure awareness leads to action!
Hope for Justice International Programme Director Neil Wain is among our amazing speakers at Hope Gathering, where you'll get exclusive insight into recent rescues and lives changed forever. March 25th, Coventry, UK – book in today!
Our incredible new Cambodia Director, Josh Bailey, is excited to be coming over to the UK for Hope Gathering. Be there to hear first-hand from Josh how young survivors’ lives are being transformed, and how YOUR support is turning despair into hope. March 25th, Coventry – book in now!
If you want to live in a world free from slavery, you need to be at Hope Gathering! Get informed, get inspired and find out what you can do to fight modern slavery. March 25th, Coventry, UK. Book in now at
Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner: “Hope for Justice are a key organisation in raising awareness, providing expertise and giving the best support to victims. I thank them for the difference they have made in West Yorkshire and further afield in this fight against human trafficking and modern slavery."

Bradford anti-slavery charity praised as its marks fourth anniversary

So happy to announce three more lives rescued – that’s three people in safe housing, away from exploitation. Hope for Justice’s newest community outreach worker has had a huge role in securing these rescues. It’s thanks to your support we’ve been able to expand our Hubs and investigations - thank you for changing lives!
This is why Hope for Justice training for frontline professionals on how to identify modern slavery victims is so important - we've trained thousands, but more to do!

UK Border Force 'failing to identify thousands of modern slavery victims'

The stories shared these last 12 days represent a fraction of the lives changed by Hope for Justice supporters. Today – Freedom Day in the US, marking both slavery's official abolition, and the grim reality of its continued existence – let's reflect on that, and take a step #FromWhereIStand towards a world free from slavery.
Meet Sreymaly*. She had a traumatic and troubled childhood filled with terrifying violence. She ran away from home, and got in with a group of friends...but one of them betrayed her, getting her hooked on drugs and using that dependence to sell her into the sex trade.

One of Hope for Justice’s partner NGOs in Cambodia rescued Sreymaly and referred her to our Dream Home, where our clinically...
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