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Hope for Justice
01/13/2017 at 17:06. Facebook
Two sisters rescued from exploitation have been welcomed at Hope for Justice Cambodia’s Lighthouse facility. "They joined in singing despite not knowing the words and I saw a new light in their eyes."

‘A past filled with struggle, a future full of hope’ | Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice
01/13/2017 at 10:41. Facebook
We have been overwhelmed and overjoyed at the response to our ‘Give Freedom This Christmas’ campaign – your generosity is changing lives. Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing stories from survivors of modern slavery showing exactly what your support has meant for them.
Hope for Justice
01/11/2017 at 14:52. Facebook
A special message from Hope for Justice US Program Director Dave Rogers for Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Find out what you can do to #EndSlavery.
Hope for Justice
01/11/2017 at 14:18. Facebook
It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US. Share this graphic to show what you stand for, and click to find out what you can do to #EndSlavery
Hope for Justice
01/09/2017 at 12:05. Facebook
Our team in Cambodia are sharing in celebration as two survivors graduate from Shine Career School and Dream Home. It fills us with hope and pride! [ Hopeforjustice.org Link ]
Can't wait for this! So much great news to announce and loads of stories to share. Not got your ticket yet? Act fast, the Early Bird offer is about to end!
World leaders are facing up to the realities of modern slavery, as this powerful Presidential Proclamation shows. Now let's #EndSlavery [ Whitehouse.gov Link ]
This is why we do what we do! So great to see this update from our Director of Survivor Care Support, Athena Pond, from Cambodia #EndSlavery

"Today I got to attend our first Hope for Justice Shine Career School Academic Competition. Two teams of girls competed in English, Khmer, computer and reading comprehension. I am so proud of what they accomplished and just as proud of the Shine staff...
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New skills for survivors of sex trafficking thanks to Hope for Justice Cambodia, opening up opportunities and careers, allowing girls to flourish in new lives.

New skills for survivors at Hope for Justice Cambodia | Hope for Justice

A special Christmas message from Hope for Justice co-founder Natalie Grant. #EndSlavery #GiveFreedomThisChristmas
If you missed any of our films this Christmas getting to the core of why we do what we do, you can find them all here... Enjoy and share!
In this film, REFORM, we visit the factory once run by the UK's first business owner convicted for using slave labour. He's behind bars, the victims are free. This is the last of the films we're releasing this Christmas, find them all here:
This is an important step in making perpetrators financially accountable for their crimes, and ensuring victims get the financial justice they deserve.

We're happy to have been able to help by providing emergency assistance to some of the victims early on in this case.

Gangmasters agree £1m payout to settle modern slavery claim

British PM Theresa May: “We need to ensure those in authority who come into contact with victims of modern slavery are able to recognise those signs, and are able to deal with people sensitively and sympathetically.”

Hope for Justice has trained thousands of professionals to do just this; great it's recognised at highest levels!
This is the second of three short films we’re releasing this Christmas, about why we do what we do. This film, RESTORE, lets you see – and hear – young lives transformed. It's a powerful moment. Girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia, overcoming trauma and now... see for yourself. [ Hopeforjustice.org Link ]
Absolutely thrilled and gladdened to see passionate members of this movement showing their support for our shared vision! We'll #EndSlavery together, thank you so much to everyone who's joining in with this!
Every Tuesday two girls get to hone their culinary skills at Shine at Hope for Justice Cambodia. They've learned fine cooking skills, proper food prep and great presentation. It's so inspiring to see the pride in their eyes as they present their food for all to enjoy...it gives them confidence and a sense of success.
"Most of us don’t believe it’s happening around us. ‘Not in my town,’ we say. But up and down Britain, from Northumbrian fields and Mancunian brothels to middle-England suburbia, people are exploited on our doorsteps."

Excellent article.

Britain must lead the global fight against modern slavery | Coffee House

Happy to announce that Hope for Justice has now launched operations in Scotland. It'll mean more professionals trained and ultimately more victims rescued and lives restored! #EndSlavery

Hope for Justice launches in Scotland | Hope for Justice

This is the first of three short films we're releasing this Christmas, showing why we do what we do. This film, RESCUE, introduces you to one of our investigators and takes you behind the scenes on the rescue of a mother and her baby son as she flees the house where she was forced to work. [ Hopeforjustice.org Link ]