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Hope for Justice is a proud member of the #EndIt Coalition. Tomorrow, Feb 23rd, is Shine a Light Day - join in by drawing a RED X on your hand, and post a selfie using #ENDITMOVEMENT. Let's ensure awareness leads to action!
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Hope for Justice International Programme Director Neil Wain is among our amazing speakers at Hope Gathering, where you'll get exclusive insight into recent rescues and lives changed forever. March 25th, Coventry, UK – book in today!
Our incredible new Cambodia Director, Josh Bailey, is excited to be coming over to the UK for Hope Gathering. Be there to hear first-hand from Josh how young survivors’ lives are being transformed, and how YOUR support is turning despair into hope. March 25th, Coventry – book in now!
If you want to live in a world free from slavery, you need to be at Hope Gathering! Get informed, get inspired and find out what you can do to fight modern slavery. March 25th, Coventry, UK. Book in now at
Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner: “Hope for Justice are a key organisation in raising awareness, providing expertise and giving the best support to victims. I thank them for the difference they have made in West Yorkshire and further afield in this fight against human trafficking and modern slavery."

Bradford anti-slavery charity praised as its marks fourth anniversary

So happy to announce three more lives rescued – that’s three people in safe housing, away from exploitation. Hope for Justice’s newest community outreach worker has had a huge role in securing these rescues. It’s thanks to your support we’ve been able to expand our Hubs and investigations - thank you for changing lives!
This is why Hope for Justice training for frontline professionals on how to identify modern slavery victims is so important - we've trained thousands, but more to do!

UK Border Force 'failing to identify thousands of modern slavery victims'

The stories shared these last 12 days represent a fraction of the lives changed by Hope for Justice supporters. Today – Freedom Day in the US, marking both slavery's official abolition, and the grim reality of its continued existence – let's reflect on that, and take a step #FromWhereIStand towards a world free from slavery.
Meet Sreymaly*. She had a traumatic and troubled childhood filled with terrifying violence. She ran away from home, and got in with a group of friends...but one of them betrayed her, getting her hooked on drugs and using that dependence to sell her into the sex trade.

One of Hope for Justice’s partner NGOs in Cambodia rescued Sreymaly and referred her to our Dream Home, where our clinically...
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Meet Natasha*. She was trafficked for sex for five years across Europe. Natasha then came to the UK where she was forced to work jobs she did not want to do. Her documents were taken, she was beaten and her freedom was taken away.

She came to Hope for Justice traumatised, struggling to trust anyone, and not always able to stay engaged with our support. She later said she was surprised we...
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Meet Sreymey*. As a child she was abused and exploited by powerful men, leaving her scared and withdrawn.

After her rescue, Hope for Justice helped her open up and begin to overcome her trauma with art therapy and holistic care.

Since arriving at Hope for Justice in Cambodia, Sreymey has made a lot of progress educationally. She would like to use her education to better the lives of...
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Meet Shona*. She was trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced to work against her will in shops and restaurants, with her ID documents under the control of her trafficker. She lived through a nightmare of threats and beatings for years, leaving her traumatised.

After her rescue, Hope for Justice advocated for Shona to receive specialist counselling and supported accommodation. We...
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Meet Chea*. Exploited and abused as a teenager in her village, she was rescued just before being sold forever into slavery.

Building a relationship of trust with Chea took time for the caring staff at the Hope for Justice Dream Home. She did not understand at first that what she had been forced to do in her young life was wrong.

Hope for Justice managed to keep her engaged in our projects,...
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Meet Erik*. Forced to toil for 16 hours a day in a dangerous factory for two years, living in terrible conditions in a small house with 15 other people.

After we rescued him, Hope for Justice supported Erik through criminal proceedings that resulted in prosecutions against his trafficker and the factory owners.

Later, Hope for Justice intervened to ensure Erik did not lose his...
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Meet Somnang*. She was sold by a family member into a forced marriage.

Hope for Justice worked with the police to rescue her, and has since supported her through the healing process with tailored therapy.

Before she arrived at Hope for Justice, Somnang had barely been allowed to have any education at all, and she was completely illiterate. But the Hope for Justice teachers have helped her...
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Have you booked in for Hope Gathering yet? Be there as we come together as a movement determined to end slavery. Get behind-the-scenes insight into our rescues and hear how you’re changing survivors’ lives. Our CEO Ben Cooley would like to personally invite you: See you there on March 25th!
Meet Laurence*. Forced to work on building sites and at car washes for three years, his identity stolen by his trafficker to open fake bank accounts in his name. Where he lived, he was forced into domestic servitude. It was a living hell, with no freedom.

After being rescued from exploitation, he has been helped by Hope for Justice to find somewhere safe to live and to have the identity...
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Meet Kunthea*. She was abused, controlled and sexually exploited by those she should have been able to trust.

After she was freed in a police raid and welcomed in by Hope for Justice in Cambodia, our professional and caring staff helped her through her trauma with carefully tailored therapy.

She improved and progressed an exponential amount. Kunthea is still shy at times, but her smile...
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Meet Edward*. His body and health were shattered by his trafficking experience. More than three years of being forced to work for hour after backbreaking hour, before being locked up, threatened and beaten. ID documents taken, not enough food, no pay, worsening health problems.

Thanks to supporters like you, he now has a place to live and medical care – and hope for the future.

He said: “I...
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