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Three veterinarians discuss vaccine safety, and provide us with their vaccination strategies to thwart disease.

Equine Vaccination Strategies
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More mud! Who else is experiencing an unusually wet winter and has the mud covered horses to prove it?
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Who is planning a trip to Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event this year? The new "Glamping" option is like having a vacation home where some of the world’s best equine athletes gallop through your front yard.

New Glamping Option Lets Equestrian Fans Attend Rolex in Style
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Horses in the Inaugural Parade: The United States has a long tradition of horsepower in the presidential inauguration.

Horses in the Inaugural Parade
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Question of the Week: My trainer spent many hours finding the perfect horse for me in my price range. Some of my friends said I owe her a commission, but she never mentioned one as part of the deal. What else can I do to show my trainer that I appreciate all of her help?

Question of the Week: So What Do I Owe You?
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Learn the secrets of sitting trot, from dressage and hunt seat experts.

Sitting Trot
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Ask the Vet:
How does moving horses south for the winter affect their health?

Are any of our readers prepping to go south for the next few months?

Ask the Vet: Moving Horses for the Winter
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Girls from low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles learn farming, riding, and life skills thanks to the Taking the Reins program.

Taking the Reins Program Brings City Kids to the Stables
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Mud, mud, and more mud seems to be the theme as of late. Veterinary experts offer tips for coping with mud-related health problems.

Mud-Related Horse Health Problems
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Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Extension Specialist

If you grew up in 4-H or live near a land-grant university, you may be familiar with equine extension specialists, those people who seem to have the unique ability to help you with any equine issue you may have, whether it’s pasture management, feeding issues or even facility construction. If you want to be a go-to person in the...
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Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Extension Specialist
My Horse, My Teacher: Sometimes your horse’s actions speak louder than words.

Over the Fence: My Horse, My Teacher
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Before you take home that new (or used) saddle, get familiar with these five essential fit checkpoints.

5 English Saddle Fit Mistakes
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Champion sidesaddle rider Susan Oakes shared some of her own experiences with bullies as part of an anti-bullying campaign in Great Britain.

Putting an End to Bullying in the Horse World
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Take a bow!

Have you taught your horse any neat tricks?
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Featured Video: Boyd Martin Gets Run Over by a Horse
The Olympic eventer took one for the team while teaching a clinic in Texas.

Featured Video: Boyd Martin Gets Run Over by a Horse
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Meet your 2016 Horses and Equestrian of the Year! Event horse Mighty Nice, show hunter Catch Me, and Olympic eventer Phillip Dutton won the big honors from US Equestrian.

Meet Your 2016 Horses and Equestrian of the Year
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The award recognizes visionaries in the horse industry, and nominations are accepted through February 6.

Nominations Sought for the 2017 Equine Industry Vision Award
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Hank the dog has the most important job in the barn: guarding the hay!
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Changes to the Horse Protection Act make strides to end soring: The industry will no longer be allowed to self-police, and some of the devices used in training "big lick” horses will be banned.

Changes to the Horse Protection Act Make Strides to End Soring
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Not too many Thoroughbreds race for as long, or as successfully, as John Henry did. And he followed it up with a long retirement greeting tourists at the Kentucky Horse Park. What a life!

Age Was Only a Number for John Henry