Imagine not being able bend your thumb or your index finger. You can’t hold a pen or type on the computer, let alone swing a golf club or play your favorite activity. This was the situation Mindy found herself in. After nearly a year of looking for answers as to why this had happened, she visited the HSS Center for Brachial Plexus and Traumatic Nerve Injury and was informed of a mysterious...
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Our HSS Sports Safety team was proud to partner up with Breakaway Hoops and Brooklyn Nets guard Isaiah Whitehead for a fun-filled afternoon of basketball safety fundamentals at the March Madness Youth Clinic!
Barb Adler is a breakdancing mom who was told by others she could never dance again because of her hip pain. However, after undergoing a hip replacement with Dr. Robert Buly, she is back to dancing and feeling better than ever! [ Link ]
Best of luck to Team HSS and everyone running in today's United Airlines NYC Half!
Running in the United Airlines NYC Half tomorrow? Due to the inclement weather this past week, our sports rehab & performance experts will be helping runners with recovery through guided stretching and foam rolling at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub (320 W 57th Street). Good luck to all the runners!
With basketball front and center this week, check out how Scott Perry overcame a serious left knee injury to make a triumphant return to the court!

Scott Perry's Story
Join us and New York Knicks alum, John Starks, for a FREE workshop on 3/21 at the MSG Training Center in Tarrytown, NY! Parents, coaches, and youth athletes will learn about the importance of sports movement quality and how to reduce the risk of an ACL injury. To RSVP, visit: [ Link ]
We were excited to have Brooklyn Nets small forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson visit our pediatric patients today! From signing autographs to providing inspiring words, Rondae made a lasting impression, helping to bring a smile to their faces.
Winter Storm Stella is on the horizon, and people living in the Tri-State area may experience up to 18 inches of snow or more. If you are going to shovel, stay safe and consider these tips!

Top Tips for Shoveling Snow
We're at the HSS Tisch Sports Performance Center, where our Rehabilitation experts are talking strength training and injury prevention for runners! Be sure to post your questions in the comments below, and remember to make sure to consult your health care provider before attempting exercises or beginning any fitness or rehab program.
Did You Know? Between 30-50% of those diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) develop kidney disease or lupus nephritis.

Lupus Nephritis: An Overview
Looking to fine-tune your running skills? Check out our page on Monday for a Facebook Live chat at 1230pm ET as our HSS Rehabilitation experts discuss strength training, injury prevention, and demonstrate a few exercises!
In December 2015, NFL cornerback Stephon Gilmore came to HSS to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank Cordasco after sustaining a shoulder fracture and dislocation during a game. After undergoing successful surgery and physical therapy, Stephon was Back in the Game and finished the 2016 season with a career-high five interceptions, which gave him his first Pro Bowl selection. Congratulations on...
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"On the last day of a ski trip, I tore my right ACL when my ski caught on a small rock and came to a stop. As an avid runner, biker, and skier, I knew it was bad because I had no ability to turn without the knee collapsing."

Jennifer Sundt's Story
For young basketball players looking to improve their skills, join the HSS Sports Safety team and Breakaway Hoops for a special clinic on 3/18! To register, visit: [ Link ].
About 60 million children and teens participate in organized sports each year. Of those, about 27 percent are involved in only one sport.

Specializing in a Single Sport: Good or Bad for Kids?
ACL injuries are one of the most common injuries in sports, with over 250,000 surgeries performed in the U.S. each year. Join us and New York Knicks alum, John Starks, for a FREE workshop, where parents, coaches, and young athletes will learn about the importance of sports movement quality and how to reduce the risk of an ACL injury.

Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and...
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The Coach/Parent Approach to Reducing ACL Injury Risk

To prevent injury, it is important for players to have a full understanding of the nature of the game and how it requires high-velocity and rotational body movements.

Top 3 Reasons Soccer Players Are at Risk for ACL Injuries
Because APS' signs and symptoms are also caused by other, more common conditions, it can be difficult for a physician to recognize.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS)