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If you missed tonight's Real Talk we talked about the bills trying to get medical marijuana legalized in Tennessee. Take a listen!

Real Talk With Mean Jean 2/26/16: Medical Marijuana in Tennessee
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Tonight on Real Talk, we're talking about the bill for legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee, we'll also talk about the statements coming from the White House this week at more! Talk to you at 8! -Mean Jean
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Actor Bill Paxton passes away at 61. #RIP
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Two years ago today everybody was freaking out over the color of this dress... I STILL see gold & white how bout you? -Mean Jean
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DJ Eric B just dropped the puck at the Knoxville Ice Bears game! Stay tuned for the Baby Diaper Derby starts shortly! #IceIceBABY
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If my dog doesn't like you, I probably won't either. DJ Eric B

Study Proves That Dogs Are Good Judges of Character
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Hey lets go dine at the mayonnaise cafe said no one ever. DJ Eric B

Who's Ready To Dine In A Mayonnaise Cafe?
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Apparently we've been doing it wrong this entire time. DJ Eric B

You've Been Using These 11 Everyday Items The Wrong Way This Whole Time
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Joey Tack is at MetroPCS on Western Ave. $100 off New Smart Phones! We're here until 4
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Happy Birthday to the kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine ridin', jet flyin', skirt chasin' son of a gun Ric Flair, The Nature Boy WOOOOOOOOOO! -Mean Jean
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What in the world.... Why would you ask somebody you're interviewing this kind of stuff? -Mean Jean

TGI Fridays apologizes to job applicant for disturbing job interview
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Damn, SIX different houses? Is a one month suspension enough? -Mean Jean

Michigan realtor accused of having sex in client homes agrees to one month suspension
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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs, Floyd Mayweather & O'Shea Jackson Jr.! -Mean Jean
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Just in case you need a little help figuring out what to sip on tonight! -Mean Jean

3 classic cocktail recipes everyone should know
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Thoughts on The White House comparing marijuana to opiods? We're talking about this Sunday night at 8 on Real Talk. -Mean Jean

White House compares recreational pot to opioid crisis, says DOJ will be 'taking action'
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DJ Eric B and the Hot Squad are at CrossFit Ktown with Center for Transportation Research, University of Tennessee Knoxville#BuckleUpTonightToSeeTommorrow #GetConvinced #EricsConvinced
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Leave bad credit in the past and come get a FRESH START at West Chevrolet! Mean Jean is live until 4
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Take a bow Rihanna!! You deserve it after being named Harvard University's Humanitarian of the year. #WorkWorkWork DJ Eric B

Rihanna Named Harvard University's Humanitarian of the Year | DJ Eric B | Hot 104.5