Hotham Alpine Resort
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Morning from Hoth looking a bit spooky today....#Hotham #Cloudsea
Hotham Alpine Resort
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A quick Friday update on the summit snow making...2 new tower guns are in place, Nice.
Hotham Alpine Resort
02/22/2017 at 09:13. Facebook
Thanks Winter for popping in we miss you. It looks like Summer is back again, evening all.
Hotham Alpine Resort
02/19/2017 at 21:17. Facebook
-2 last night and the snow is hanging about. Anyone ready to step up with a season prediction..........
Hotham Alpine Resort
02/19/2017 at 09:42. Facebook
If you were thinking its cold tonight you are right....It's SNOWING!
#SummerSnow #Hotham
Summit Snow Making construction update and one for the lovers Big Yellow Machines in the golden morning light. Trenching is down to Road Runner and I saw a gun tower waiting to be lifted into place today... For lots more info on the construction as it grows and a bit of background check out: [ Link ]
It's time to do a season, you know you want to. Job applications open today, check [ Link ]
Drew taking a break from the summer heat at Nozawa Onsen, nice one Drew, love the Shaun Mittwollen
Morning crew, if you are cooking in the lower altitudes come up it's at least 10Β° cooler and the views very cool...
Run Hotham, Ride Hotham, Slide you like my rhyming. @beaumilesfilm nice vid
How good is this Lydia Lassila is back winning gold...Nice..#mummywon
If you haven't seen it our Hotham is in the latest Qantas Safety Video
[ Link ]
Watch for Danny Foster Hotham instructor and Mount Hotham Free Ski coach. Enjoy

Qantas Safety Video 2017

Welcome to the Spirit of Australia. Let us show you some of our favourite spots around the country, and the people that make them so special.

A cracking morning for the Alpine Classic crew to climb #Hotham, Nice work!
#AlpineClassic #IRideMountains
We got you some flowers for Australia Day.
Winter withdrawals? We found making a little Winter scene helps, what do you think?

If you need a few Winter things to keep you going OneTree Sports is open Fri 27 Jan & Sat 28 Jan 10am-2pm & Salomon Concept DP Fri 27 Jan & Sat 28 Jan 3pm-5.30pm.
Run, walk or slide everything is better in the mountains #hotham #trailrunning
When the clouds build like this over Feathertop, even in summer it make us think #snow #snow #snow
Morning all, did you get your #bikeon this weekend and grab a bit of this view climbing #hotham #7peaks
@flowmountainbike up for a spin and a story around #dinnerplain and #hotham