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Care for your clothes and the environment.

Eco Rain is a feature we’ve added where clothes are sprayed with water during the rinse phase saving up to 20% in water and 50% in energy.


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Seasonal allergies? Eliminate dust, allergens and bacteria with a Hotpoint vacuum cleaner. [ Link ]
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Happy St Patrick's Day! Why not bring a touch of Irish green to the table?
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From stubbornly dirty to dazzlingly clean. What’s the secret?
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Why not add a little red energy to your table?
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Which one of these 'beefy meals' would you like to be served most?

for Steak and Mint Salad
❤ for Beef Brisket
for Korean Beef Bulgogi
for Quick Steak Tacos with Guacamole

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Want answers the quick and easy way? Speak to a real person via our Live chat function! Please visit [ Link ] to find out more

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Get your vitamin kick for the day by mixing up carrots, lemons, pumpkins and oranges with your Hotpoint Slow Juicer.
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It is British Pie Week,which one of these great British classic pies would you choose? Chicken Pot Pie? Or Meat and Potato?
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Which of these would you like to see prepared for you tonight?
for Tuna Tostadas
❤ for Spiced Chicken with Black Pepper Vinegar Slaw
for Manhattan Clam Chowder
for Truffle Mushroom and Cranberry ‘Sausage Rolls’
Check [ Link ] the recipes.
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Four appliances from Hotpoint’s new Class 9 built-in range have received the prestigious iF label – induction hob, microwave, steam oven and coffee machine - reflecting their winning combination of authentic design, innovative features and great performance. [ Link ]
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Love softness? Our delicate wash programme uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to reduce friction and deterioration caused by clothes rubbing together. Delicately caring, it helps to keep your knits looking – and feeling – beautiful for longer.
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With the help of Zone Wash even your everyday plates will look like the ones you keep for special occasions! [ Link ]
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Add a little bit of love to your day today! Happy Valentine's Day!
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As it is Valentine's tomorrow, which lovely dish would you most like to devour?
for Barolo Wine Risotto with Confit Guinea Fowl
❤ for Rhubarb Crumb Cake
for Crispy Mojo Pork
for Sea Bream With Tomatoes, Basil and Mint

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What is the secret to food freshness?
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February may be the shortest month, but there are plenty of reasons to LOVE it. As spring is fast approaching and winter will be gone for another year, let's start by making the most of relaxing in front of the fireplace, or having reason to keep the heating on.
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With a Hotpoint microwave, meals as magnificent as this can be ready in minutes: [ Link ]
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Discover the secret to a perfectly toasted sandwich!
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There is nothing ugly about this ugly squishy chocolate cake and as it's National Chocolate Cake Day, surely that gives you the excuse to have a slice...