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Time for an awesome #MotivationMonday! Here are the fur babies I based several Companions on in #MoonChosen. Badger (GSD), Cammyman (far left), Captain Kirk (center) Khan (black scottie), and Xena Warrior Princess Cast playing Bast the Lynx. FOR THE CHANCE AT A FREE, SIGNED COPY OF MOON CHOSEN, show me pictures of your fur babies! I'll choose one winner randomly!
House of Night
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I apologize because I know these pictures are gross! But I thought you guys would like to see two of the real critters I based my mutated roaches and spiders on in MOON CHOSE. As Kristin Cast would say, "EESH!" #moonchosen #talesofanewworld
House of Night
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#WellnessWednesday #WildWomen #WomenWhoRunWithWolves
Lest we forget...
Currently, this is my favorite place to read. Where is yours? #FridayReads
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Check out these awesome stag horn ferns that inspired the Mother Plant in #MoonChosen!
This week's #MondayMotivation is for a whopping 50% off of any of the HoN teeshirts for sale on my website or Kristin's. I'll choose FIVE winners this week randomly! Your question: What is your favorite House of Night quote? #honforever
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What do you need to release? #WellnessWednesday
Awesomesauce! Check this out. Has it really been 10 years? Yes, indeedy it has! Stay tuned for an anniversary announcement coming soon!

Here Are 19 Popular Books Turning 10 In 2017
#FridayReads I'm LOVING Renee Ahdieh's brilliant THE WRATH AND THE DAWN. What are you reading and loving?

Art by the talented Helen Yoon.
I've spent a lot of time sharing about how my GSD, Badger, was the inspiration behind MOON CHOSEN and my new fantasy series, but let us not forget the other awesome canines in the world! Terriers! And they are, of course, based on my Scottie dogs! Cameron/Cammy (in the water), Captain Kirk (the other blond), and The Mighty Khan (black Scottie). #moonchosen #scottiedogs #furbabies
Hi guys! The National Readers Choice Award is a prestigious award given by the Oklahoma City branch of the Romance Writers of America (and my fabulous old RWA Chapter!). This award is judged solely by readers - no authors, agents, editors, or industry professionals, which makes it really special. They are putting out a call because they need judges! If you judge you get FREE BOOKS! (You...
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2016 NRCA Reader Registration - Formstack
Remember, the people and things you surround yourself with don't just fill your life - they affect it. Choose wisely. #WellnessWednesday
In honor of Zoey Redbird’s birthmas today’s #MondayMotivation is a House of Night question. Name three of the presents Zoey received on her 17th birthday for a 17% off coupon to be used for books or merchandise on my website.

Submit your answers in the comments below for your chance at being a winner, and good luck!

Awesome fan art by the talented @HentyRock.

art by Mariano G. from the ever fabulous @thehouseofnightbrasil
It's the best time of year to cozy up to a fire and read to your heart's content. #MoonChosen #Cozy

The perfect holiday weekend starter pack! #MoonChosen #SOSAS #AmberSmoke