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Photo by the fabulous Stark Photography!
House of Night
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HoN fans! Check out my "dates" to the S.M.A.R.T. (Start Making A Reader Today) Alphabet Ball! Kristin and the very handsome John Maslin, who was my inspiration for our beloved Damien! And, YES, very soon I'll be making a major announcment about a new HoN anniversary book coming this year! Stay tuned! #HoNForever #LoveAlwaysLove
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The next destroyed bridge Nik has to navigate past on his journey into Port City (Portland, OR) is the Broadway Bridge. This is the bridge I cross most frequently as I go from one side of town to another. It just got a facelift last year and it looks all new and pretty! I especially love its color! Do you see the Fremont Bridge in the background of the first picture? #MoonChosen...
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Did y'all see who won Westminster this year?! Rumor! A lovely GSD! Well done Rumor!
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Sometimes we need a little Pooh reminder. #WellnessWednesday #LoveAlwaysLove
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Sorry guys! I forgot the attachment! I'm reposting: I hope you're feeling loved today! Kristin and I are sending you XXXOOOs and look forward to seeing you in NOLA!
I loved creating the Tribe of the Trees and their city in the sky! I have been mesmerized by the beauty of the NW landscapes and the incredible majesty of our forests. Thought you'd like to check out some of my inspirations for the Tribe. #MoonChosen #CityintheTrees
#WellnessWednesday Read. Read some more. Then read even more. Try to learn something new every day. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is magick. Education is our future.
Next up on Nik's river journey into the ruins of Port City (Portland) is the Fremont Bridge. Nik and his group call it the Triangle - named because of the huge triangular shaped metal sections of the original bridge, which I have shifting and drifting and sticking out of the water ominously. It's an enormous bridge and almost always busy. I hate getting stuck on it during rush hour because...
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#MotivationMonday This week's question for 10% off any purchase from my website or Kristin Cast's website: If you could bring one character back from the dead (from ANY of my books), who would it be and why? (I'll randomly choose the winners!)
One of my favorite aspects of the MOON CHOSEN world is the Earth Goddess based faith of the Clan and the gorgeous, organic images of the Great Earth Goddess created by Clanswomen. I thought you'd like to see my inspiration for these images. Enjoy! #MoonChose #EarthGoddess
The first destroyed bridge Nik paddles past in MOON CHOSEN on his way to forage in "Port City" (Portland!) is actually my favorite of all of the Portland bridges - the St. Johns Bridge. It is gorgeous - as is Cathedral Park (named after the beautiful gothic cathedral-like design of the bridge) on the bank beneath it. It's even prettier in person, and the community of St. Johns is fabulous! ...
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#WellnessWednesday #Resist #BeTheChange
Those of you who have read MOON CHOSEN already know about the awesome illustrations for each chapter. Well, illustrations for SUN WARRIOR (October 2017 release) are underway! I thought you'd like to see some of the very rough sketches the artist, Sabine Stangenberg, has begun working on. Typically, she'll do several rough sketches per chapter - I choose one or two of them - then she does a...
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#MotivationMonday is here! For a chance at a 10% off coupon for any order from my website or Kristin's, tell me who is your favorite character from any of my worlds and why! (Posting pictures is always welcome!) This lovely Zoey Redbird fan art is by Mambo3
I used to love teaching FAHRENHEIT 451. LOVE. Ray Bradbury worked magic with words. What were some of your favorite books from school? #FridayReads
As many of you know, the world of MOON CHOSEN is set in and around beautiful Portland, OR. I positioned the Tribe of the Trees in the hills that flank Sauvie Island, which I turned into Farm Island. I had a fantastic time creating a post apocalyptic landscape, and thought it would be fun to share some of the real things/places I destroyed/rebuilt for my series. First up - Sauvie Island...
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UK readers! Could you please report in and let me know if you're still having trouble finding MOON CHOSEN in bookstores? (Please provide where you are and which store.) Thank you!
#WellnessWednesday Something we all need to remember, especially teenagers. If they try to silence you - SHOUT! (And then get better friends.)
Time for an awesome #MotivationMonday! Here are the fur babies I based several Companions on in #MoonChosen. Badger (GSD), Cammyman (far left), Captain Kirk (center) Khan (black scottie), and Xena Warrior Princess Cast playing Bast the Lynx. FOR THE CHANCE AT A FREE, SIGNED COPY OF MOON CHOSEN, show me pictures of your fur babies! I'll choose one winner randomly!