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We are beyond excited for #HoNLoved and the new HoN Other World! Visit the link in the comments to read an exclusive excerpt.
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Excited to share the cover of #HoNLoved! Visit the link in the comments for an exclusive excerpt.
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Special #HoNLoved cover reveal announcement!
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We're so excited about this! #HoNLOVED #HoNFOREVER
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It's coming! The cover for #HoNLoved is almost here.
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Your #motivationmonday question: What book changed your life? In 1973 I read DRAGONFLIGHT by the immortal Anne McCaffrey. That was when I realized women could write s/f fantasy AND star in it - and that understanding changed my future! Your answer could win you a 15% coupon for anything purchased from my website.
Wapato is a native aquatic tuber that once grew in abundance in all of the US states except Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Native Americans harvested the bulb-like root from wetlands, and it was a potato-ish staple in many of the tribes’ diets. Little wonder Mari and Sora love them so much! Especially when Sora bakes them with sea salt and garlic! Have any of you tried these? I haven't, but...
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The next ruined bridge Nik and his group have to get past is the Morrison Street Bridge. It's another bascule bridge and is the third in that location. This one was built in 1958. It's a wide bridge that has nice bike/walking lanes and it empties into downtown Portland. #MoonChosen
Available for preorder now #SunWarrior
The Barnes & Noble preorder link to the hardback of LOVED is finally live! Follow the link in the comment below. XXXOOO #HoNLOVED
Cascia Hall Preparatory School in Tulsa was my inspiration for the setting of Tulsa's House of Night. For your #MotivationMonday question and a chance at 50% off ANY SHIRT from my website store: What would be your inspiration for your own HoN school, and/or where would it be? #HoNLOVED available 11 July 17.
Have a question? Ask in the comments and it could be published and answered in #HoNLoved, releasing July 11th.
Celebrate the House of Night 10th anniversary with Loved, the new HoN novel you've been waiting for. #HoNLoved
*Special Announcement!* The House of Night 10th anniversary novel you've been waiting for.
You've been Marked! You're now a fledgling at the House of Night! For your #MotivationMonday giveaway of a FREE copy of NEFERET'S CURSE tell me what would be your new name - or would you not change your name at all?
In the studio.
#HouseOfNight 10th anniversary novel news coming soon.
I am proud and excited to share with you the cover for SUN WARRIOR, book 2 in my Tales of a New World series! It releases October 17th. With Mari and Rigel the cover features Bast, who you're going to find out LOTS more that lynxes always choose their Companion's mate - whether their mate agrees or not! #SunWarrior #MoonChosen #CoverReveal
The ruins of the next bridge Nik and his group paddle past is the Burnside Bridge. This bascule bridge was built in 1926, connecting the very busy Burnside Street from east to west Portland. I particularly like the two tower-like structures built into the bridge. Check out the second pic where you can see the Steel Bridge and the metro in the background. Cool! #MoonChosen
It's no secret that Kristin Cast is my bestie. For a chance at a 10% off coupon to be used in my website store answer today's #MotivationMonday question: Which of my fictional characters would you choose to be your BFF and why? Aphrodite? Sora? Stevie Rae? Nik? O'Bryan? Damien? Shannon? Alanna? Ciara? Etc...
Time to keep following Nik as he paddles past the remains of the Steel Bridge, our next Portland bridge. This bridge is a creepy cool double-deck vertical lift, which opened 1912. I'll admit it kinda scares me, but I have several Portland friends who are in love with this bridge. I have one friend who consistently takes a longer way to work so that she can ride her bike over the bridge. IN. ...
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This week's #MotivationMonday question: Which HoN familiar is your fav and why? Nala? Duchess? Skylar? Maleficent? Shadowfax? Cameron? Winners chosen randomly will get a coupon for 15% off any purchase from my website or Kristin's. AND FEEL FREE TO POST PICTURES OF YOUR OWN FAMILIAR! #HoNForever #LoveAlwaysLove
Awesome Sailor Moon art with Luna and Aremis!