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"Losing WiFi in Cambodia - how refreshing. But in the meantime we did all this..." - HOT Blogger, Anna #AvalonWaterways #offgrid #Cambodia #siemreap #AngkorWat
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This little French town looks just like Belle's village from Beauty and the Beast

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We’ve discovered Houston is more than just a stopover. With something for every traveller, it’s time to consider Houston as a destination.

Houston - Full of charming surprises
"We crossed into Cambodia and took the cyclo to the king's house. He wasn't in. But his home, the Royal Palace, didn't disappoint." - HOT Blogger, Anna. #AvalonWaterways #Cambodia #Phnompenh #goldenhomes
"Getting to know the Vietnam locals. Best bit was trying pop rice, AKA Vietnamese popcorn... and snake wine." HOT Blogger - Anna #notatypo #AvalonWaterways #livelikealocal
The latest edition of Inspire is here & there is something for everyone – from digital trends shaping the future of travel, to the top travel bloggers of 2017...

This New York golden retriever is giving out free hugs. Put us on the next flight!

"Just me, or do you not get scenery quite like this from the road? Views from the Avalon deck make me a little snap happy." - HOT Blogger, Anna #AvalonWaterways #Vietnam #Saigonriver
Be in to win 1 of 8 $1,000 House of Travel gift cards for travel to Queensland! Click through and guess which of the 9 photos are in Queensland, and you could be on your way there. Hurry, competition ends Sunday 19th. T&C's apply:

How well do you know Queensland?
Switzerland, the land of chocolate, mountains, Heidi and... the Alphorn. Check out our top 9 Swiss secrets, some of them may surprise you.

9 unusual things to do in Switzerland
Checkin' in & jettin' off. Join HOT blogger, Anna (that's me) while I experience Avalon Waterways' 8 day 'Mysterious Vietnam & Cambodia' river cruise. Let's go!... #AvalonWaterways #iwantaTrunki
It’s St Patrick’s day, we want you to win
So get your pen and make it spin
Write a Limerick about your favourite spot
for a $1000 dollar travel jackpot
If you want to win, get stuck in!

T&C's apply: [ Link ]
Just a goat doing yoga with his mates. The latest fitness trend to hit America.

Today is World Wildlife Day and House of Travel is proud to announce we have signed World Animal Protection’s elephant-friendly tourism pledge! A huge number of the House of Travel team were passionate about providing responsible animal tourism options for our customers, in particular Adrienne Rennie and Kelsey Waters who have lead this for some time. This is just our first step in working...
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The European Tree of the Year. Yes it's a thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day-Ja Vu! Big congrats to Sarah & Campbell who won the ultimate way to re-do Valentine’s Day – a trip to Paris. Here’s a cute photo they sent us on their way out of Auckland only minutes ago.
Fancy a 'sloth sleepover' with these amazing creatures? In the USA you can.

New York's best kept secret involves ice-cream, Oreos and a deep fat fryer.

According to Google Search trends on Valentines Day, we Kiwis are a romantic bunch, but all in different ways. Waikato was keeping it traditional with ‘Flowers’, Auckland kept it simple with ‘Valentine’, while the deep south were more interested in searching ‘50 shades’…
Did yesterday not go to plan? We want to give Kiwis another chance to celebrate their love, on Valentine’s Day-Ja Vu! Go here to find out how to have the ultimate second-chance at romance.