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Second most-visited zoo in the nation that charges admission, and we couldn't be more proud of our amazing visitors who are helping us save animals in the wild, just by visiting the Houston Zoo!

The Houston Zoo Is the Second Most-Visited Zoo in the Nation, All Thanks to You

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On Wednesday, March 1, the Houston Museum of Natural Science will host primate dietary ecologist, Dr. Erin Vogel, who will discuss how information from diet, behavior, and physiology can help us understand how orangutans are adapted for survival in Borneo’s forests and shed light on the current obesity epidemic in modern day humans.

March 1, 2017 - 6:30 PM
Houston Museum of Natural...
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Nutrition and Wild Orangutans: Insights Into Human Health by Erin Vogel

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Here's another look at Pumpkin! He's a 31-year-old, Bornean orangutan that recently made his public debut in the orangutan habitat at the Houston Zoo after moving to the Bayou City from Jackson, Mississippi late last year.
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Houston Zoo conservation partner GERP Madagascar protects lemurs and other animals in Madagascar through empowering local communities to conserve and protect local forests.

They are also working to protect a newly discovered species of lemur, the Sheth’s dwarf lemur. The recent discovery helps show the importance of Madagascar as home to a great variety of unique animals.

Because a portion...
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You are Helping Save a New Species of Lemur in the Wild

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Did you know there are more than 6,400 species of frogs and toads, and you can help them by using recycled paper products? Learn even more about frogs, toads, caecilians, salamanders and newts at our Leap Into Action event this month.

Enjoy family fun activities, plus learn all about these amazing animals and how to help them in the wild.

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We are live with our baby tapir, showing the cuteness and talking about how we are working to save them in the wild!
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We're featuring our beautiful baby tapir today at 10:30 a.m. in a very special FB live. We'll also be announcing his name, so don't miss it!
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Aly Raisman & Simone Biles visited the Zoo, and feeding giraffes was one of the highlights! #giraffekisses
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Our lions and tigers are enjoying their Valentine’s Day cards today! A big thank you to all who helped on Saturday’s Will Zoo be Mine event.
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Happy Valentine's Day! Did you get flowers? We're betting that they lasted longer than the ones given to our leaf cutter ants! Here's a throwback time-lapse video spanning only a few hours.
This Valentine's Day, get your sweetheart a Zoo Membership! The unlimited visits and exclusive benefits will have you falling in love with the Zoo and our amazing animal residents.

Get Your Sweetheart a Zoo Membership

Take a break from whatever you're doing and enjoy a few moments with our giraffes!
Well, we know who we're in love with this Valentine's Day - our beautiful baby male tapir! This little Baird's tapir was born Saturday, Feb. 4. He'll have his colorful pattern of stripes and spots for a while until they slowly disappear as he grows older.

The newborn tips the scales at 24.5 pounds, and when he’s full-grown, zoo experts anticipate this bouncing baby boy could weigh more than...
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Yesterday’s Whole Foods Market® Community Giving Day was a great success. With Whole Foods Market generously donating 5% of yesterday’s net sales, nearly $37,000 will go directly to supporting the Houston Zoo and saving animals in the wild!
Happy Froguary! This month, we'll be sharing interesting facts, amazing pictures, and information about why frogs and amphibians are so unique. In our latest blog post, we're talking about metamorphosis and what that process looks like for frogs and toads. Check it out!

Happy Froguary! Metamorphosis - What Happens, Exactly?

Pollinators and ocean life are so important in producing food like apples, chocolate, seafood, and more. Luckily, Whole Foods Market is looking out for pollinating animals and ocean creatures by supporting sustainably sourced foods!
We bought some of this amazing chocolate from Whole Foods Market that wouldn't be possible without pollinators like bees. We had to try some, ya know...for science.
You can help keep our oceans healthy by purchasing sustainable seafood. And guess what... Whole Foods Market makes it super easy. #communitygivingday
Kate is showing Whole Foods Market shoppers one of our owls. It's really a whoooo's who of awesome animals and people here today. #CommunityGivingDay
Chillin' Charles the chuckwalla is charmed the Zoo was chosen to receive 5% of today's "cheddar" from Whole Foods Market. #CommunityGivingDay