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How It's Made
11/30/2016 at 20:58. Facebook
In the early days, score keepers climbed ladders to scrawl numbers onto a chalkboard.

How It's Made: Scoreboards

Gifts like these are made with care. Let's see what the elves do before they're wrapped up!

5 Indulgent Gifts You’d Want Under the Tree | Science GO

Get ready to pass the pigskin on a special Thanksgiving episode of #HowItsMade tonight at 10/9c!
Scoop up some Thanksgiving cheer!
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be possible without nonstick pans.
A Thanksgiving must: wine! See #HowItsMade on a special holiday episode tonight at 10/9c!
You've got to take a trip to the cranberry bog for your cranberry sauce!
You can't eat Thanksgiving dinner without one of these!
We have a special Thanksgiving episode tonight at 10pm!
Ever wonder how real bourbon is made – and where all those barrels go after it’s distilled?

Where do all those bourbon barrels go?

It is believed that a stapler was first invented in the 1700s for the French King Louis XV. #HowItsMade

How It's Made: Staplers

Happy Election Day! See how flags are made! #HowItsMade

Exclusive clip: How It's Made Election 2016 Special

What do you say How It's Made fans? These handmade machines toss pumpkins at the annual #PunkinChunkin event. Check out live coverage at Science Channel Special Events, to see them in action or let us know down below what you think of these machines.
Happy fry-day! #HowItsMade
Violin bows have 150 to 200 hairs made of materials like nylon and horse hair. #HowItsMade


Fun Fact: Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit. #HowItsMade

How It's Made: Chocolate Banana Loaves

Watching TV? Then you'll need tortilla chips. Seeing how they're made is pretty cool. #HowItsMade

How It's Made: Tortilla Chips

#PunkinChunkin is happening live this weekend, and Science Channel will be airing it on November 26 @ 8p. If you love machines, you're going to love these backyard beauties - all created to make pumpkins fly.
Frozen pancakes come in handy when there's no time to make them from scratch. #HowItsMade

Frozen Pancakes

The first gears were wooden and used in windmills, watermills and winches. #HowItsMade

How It's Made: Gears