Today's steering wheels do more than just one job.

How It's Made: Steering Wheel
You may be needing some of this soon!

How It's Made: Road Salt
See how molten metal and a forging hammer are used to create the straight razor.

How It's Made: Straight Razor
Take a look at how they are made!

How It's Made: Binoculars
Ever wonder how Audi makes their sleek, stylish and green cars?

How It's Made: Audi
Follow the story of hams, from farm to table.

How It's Made: Hams
A paper towel always comes in handy.

How It's Made: Paper Towels
When a painting's original frame is lost, a specialist can produce an exact replica.

How It's Made: Antique Picture Frame
These soap carvings are far too delicate to be used on scrubbing duty.

How It's Made: Soap Sculptures
Fireworks are made using precise chemical mixtures.

Making Red Fireworks
Wondering how your Christmas ornaments were made?!

How It's Made: Christmas Ornaments
The origin of the word "toy" is unknown, but it is believed that it was first used in the 14th century.

How It's Made: Wooden Toys
The term 'toast' comes from the words 'torrere' and 'tostum' of Latin origin, meaning 'to burn' or 'scorch'.

How It's Made: Vintage Toaster
Watch the full #HowItsMade Christmas special without having to create a login! It's our Christmas gift to you!

Christmas 2016 Special | How It's Made | Science GO
In the early days, score keepers climbed ladders to scrawl numbers onto a chalkboard.

How It's Made: Scoreboards
Gifts like these are made with care. Let's see what the elves do before they're wrapped up!

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