Merry Christmas each and everyone of you. Why not treat yourself to a festive episode of HNTLYL?

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Lastest podcast is here. I interview the very talented Greg McHugh, star of Gary Tank Commander & Fresh Meat. And James Gill and I discuss Rock Documentaries and new films out this week.
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Latest podcast available- I chat with two sets of creators behind huge shows currently airing on TV.
Firstly Jack Williams & Harry Williams (BBC1's The Missing - amongst others)
And then Jonathan Brackely & Sam Vincent (C4's Humans).
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Last week I found out I have a second cousin I wasn't aware of. Turns out he's a director and currently has a film out. This totally dumbfounded me. So I decided to meet him for the first time properly in a recording studio. This is the latest episode of my podcast featuring Bill Clark talking about the Clarks and his film Starfish (an important indie about Sepsis).
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Latest Podcast available. I chat with Alice Lowe (Garth Merenghie's Darkplace, Sighteers) about her latest film Prevenge and her guilty pleasure Legend (the Ridley Scott movie not the one about Kray twins).
Plus Boyd Hilton pops in to discuss upcoming TV shows. [ Link ]
Latest podcast. I chat to RED DWARF creator Mr Doug Naylor. Lovely man and tons of great stories about a classic comedy.
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A little reminder to subscribe, download and rate the podcast! I'm going on a break for a couple of weeks but you listen to previous episodes with guests including STEPHEN MERCHANT; AISLING BEA, THOMAS TURGOOSE; SAM BAIN; ROBERT POPPER; JESSICA KNAPPETT, REECE SHEARSMITH to name a few.
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Screen Talk with Dan Clark by Fubar Radio on iTunes
The latest edition of Dan Clark’s show Screen Talk on Fubar Radio is now available, and features Tony Way, which gives us a good excuse to shout out about the series so far. We all know Dan f…

Fubar with Dan
Latest podcast available folks. I interview Misfits creator Howard Overman about his new show Crazyhead. And James Gill and I chat films and TV including this news below about The Lion King.
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“How does @DanClarkEsq & @JamesGillComedy think a live action Lion King would look?”

I spoke to Mark Gatiss (actor and writer of Sherlock, Dr Who, League of Gentlemen to name a few) about his recent Emmy and many other things in the latest episode of my podcast.
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Morning folks. Don't forget to download the latest episode of the podcast. Me chatting to The Mighty Boosh's Rich Fulcher in a Los Angeles car park. This exact one in fact. Subscribe to the show here: [ Link ]

Screen Talk with Dan Clark by Fubar Radio on iTunes
Hey folks. My podcast is back! This week I interview the wonderful Rich Fulcher from THE MIGHTY BOOSH and SNUFF BOX.
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This week's podcast features a very tangential news and reviews section with James Gill and a chat with BBC bigwig Chris Sussman about Auntie; the state of comedy and commissioning. Subscribe, listen and rate here: [ Link ]
Latest podcast available, I chat with the super talented Sam Bain (co-creator or Peep Show and Fresh Meat, to name a few!) and his guilty pleasure is a contender for the best (worst) we've had so far. [ Link ]
Had a funny, silly and informative chat with the delightful Robert Popper, the man behind shows such as Friday Night Dinner & Look Around You, to name a few.
Download (and subscribe & rate) the latest episode here: [ Link ]
Latest podcast available featuring the lovely comedian DAVE JOHNS who plays the title role in Ken Loach's latest film "I, Daniel Blake". Wonderful stories. Download and subscribe here: [ Link ]
Latest podcast available with the gorgeous Tom Davis of Murder in Successville fame. We had a lovely natter. And James Gill and I chat films and music! [ Link ]
First post EU podcast. I interview the star of League of Gentleman; Psychoville and Inside No 9 MR REECE SHEARSMITH.

Seems a bit pointless on a week like this but here's my latest podcast. I was lucky enough to interview the brilliant Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin - the duo behind Outnumbered; Drop the Dead Donkey & now Power Monkeys. The story about Guy's writing alias is worth a listen alone.
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