"I promise you that we're going to find who did this to him. We owe him that."
The time has come for the crazy reveal of #WhoKilledWes in the 2-hour #HTGAWM season finale!
That #HTGAWM tho!

Catch the sensational Viola Davis on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!
β€œI just want you to know I’m doing everything I can for our case. If you need anything from me at all, I’m here to help. Whatever you want." ~ Frank
Hit Annalise Keating and she'll hit back. Hard.
Annalise is out but the battles are just beginning.
Oliver is actually refusing to hack?!
Still in shock from the last episode?! Get the insider scope with #HTGAWM's Billy Brown on what's going on!
Heart is still breaking from this moment.
This mystery has officially reached Defcon One.
Still gasping from this moment?
#HTGAWM has been picked up for another season!!!
β€œβ€¦Think about what that means! And not just for you but for Wes. Somebody killed him, burned his body and misplaced it! And it wasn’t Frank. Maybe none of you can understand how I know that but he just won’t do that to me no matter what he’s saying so…we need to find out who did this.” ~ Laurel #HTGAWM
"And I thought you was a good man." Mama Ophelia has spoken! #HTGAWM
Nothing will prepare you for the mother of all twists!
Mama Ophelia is back in town but did she bring a few confessions of her own with her?