It’s #MakeYourOwnHolidayDay! Pause this clip to find your new favorite holiday and let us know what it is in the comments!

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#DreamworksDragons Showdown Round 2! Vote for your favorite episode with FB reactions! Winner will be revealed on 3/31!
Which resident of Berk should be your BFF? Pause this clip to find out and comment with what you get!

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It’s a #DreamworksDragons Showdown! Vote for your favorite Season 4 episode with FB reactions!
This Easter you can help find rare dragon eggs throughout Far Far Away at Shrek's Adventure in London! To enter for a chance to win a family ticket to this attraction during the Easter holiday, simply comment below and tag the person you would like to take with you!

*This competition is sponsored by Merlin and not DreamWorks Animation. For more information visit: [ Link ]. Competition...
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#TFW you realize we get an extra hour of sun starting tomorrow! ☀#DaylightSavings
OMG IT’S #PANICDAY! What do you think Fishlegs and Snotlout are freaking out about?
Celebrate International Women's Day with some of the dynamic women who bring your favorite animated T.V. series to life! Margie Cohn, head of DreamWorks Animation Television, leads a conversation with executives, producers, and voice talent from DreamWorks' hit animated series, streaming on Netflix around the globe! This group of talented women inspires us all to #BeBoldForChange! #IWD2017
Have you had a chance to watch all of Season 4 yet? What part did you LOL the most at?

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What’s your favorite Tuffnut quote?
Which new dragon is your fave? React with for Submaripper on the left and ❤ for Eruptadon on the right!
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III & Stoick the Vast are just part of the fabric of Berk! Keep following to see how the family tree grows together!
The wait is over! Have you started Season 4 yet?
What does Season 4 hold for these lovebirds? One more day ‘til we find out!
There will be no dragon left behind! In an attempt to rescue the Submaripper, Hiccup and the dragon riders build a contraption called the Diving Bell! See if their mission is successful in an all-new season of DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge, on Netflix this Friday!
Season 4 is just two days away! Do you have a friend you’ll be watching with?
When we said season 4 was bigger than ever, we meant it. Prepare yourself for February 17th. #Hiccstrid
Why is Hiccup being hunted?! Turns out Viggo is behind this one. Surprise surprise. See what happens when every bounty hunter comes after Hiccup in an all-new season of DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix February 17th!