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Crushed it! Go behind the scenes with The Bellas as they start filming Pitch Perfect 3!
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Get ready to celebrate Australia Day by picking up one of these Aussie movies from HOYTS Kiosk!
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Hello Marky Mark! #MCM #DeepwaterHorzion
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Be prepared to see the world differently after experiencing the magic of Pete's Dragon, now available at HOYTS Kiosk!
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Check out your HOYTS Kiosk line up! Which movie will you be renting?
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Mark Wahlberg’s performance in #DeepwaterHorizon is thrilling to watch. Rent it now from HOYTS Kiosk!
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Watch #EmilyBlunt play heroine with a twist in The Girl On The Train.
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Shoot for the moon and thank your lucky stars because Pete's Dragon is at HOYTS Kiosk in time for the weekend!
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The next step in the Robert Langdon series is INFERNO - Out now at HOYTS Kiosk
Catch our #MCM Keanu Reeves in Neon Demon now!
MEL GIBSON! Catch him in Blood Father at your local HOYTS Kiosk!
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Did you catch the Golden Globes this week? Check out some of the highlights & see what you can rent now!
Interview time with Renée Zellweger & Patrick Dempsey! Rent Bridget Jones's Baby from HOYTS Kiosk now. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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