This perilous photograph wins the BEST #HSVfanPhoto of 2016!

Congratulations J Nemer! You've won an original design prototype of the GEN-F2 ClubSport R8 LSA wheel, display mounted.
Owner, Chris Harris: "My GTS really steps up the feeling of driving a performance car. The power on tap, brakes and steering is a game changer."
Dream Drives: Bergen, Norway. POWER through twisting roads with only densely forested mountains to see you.

Fjord Productions
Performance AND pizzazz #SVblack
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Beachside babe #holidays #SVblack
Owner, Jeff Jackson: "I've owned four HSVs - I still own three."

"They are beautifully made, high horsepower cars to be proud of. Excellent bang for your buck. Legendary!"
Supreme shooting talent secures 2016's final #HSVfanPhoto first place for Jason Buttel.

Epic shot.
This sunny #HSVfanPhoto scoops up 2016's final P2 and earns Ken Thorpe an HSV polo.

Brendan Franklin goes P3 in December's #HSVfanPhoto competition.
"Swapped my ClubSport for a Maloo. I love orange!" Owner Kurtis Porter.
Take gR8 care of your HSV. #KeepItClean
Dream Drives: Brisbane's Story Bridge is Australia's longest cantilever bridge spanning 777 metres across the Brisbane River.

Opened in 1940, it is a heritage listed treasure.
"This is our baby, best road tripping car around. Can't beat a Maloo!" Owner Shaneen Skerman.
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