"The 2017 HSV 30 Years GTS is a car that can make you smile every day..."

"It may no longer be the brand’s ‘halo car’, but it’s most definitely still fast, most definitely still cool, most definitely still entertaining, and most definitely still special. And at the end of the day, isn’t that why you buy one?"

[ Link ] "The GTS has been twice toppled by the 435kW GTSR and 474kW GTSR W1. So, has the now-humble GTS lost some of its significance? Hardly."

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Martin Brundle: "I first drove for Tom Walkinshaw back in 1979 so I've had a relationship with the Walkinshaw family and an affinity to everything they have done since. They're very kind to lend me a car."

"I've got an early memory of Tom with a compressed air launcher that used to fire oranges across the Clayton estate. Mischief is definitely a Walkinshaw trait!" #AusGP #F1
Martin Brundle: "I get to drive an HSV each year I come out for the #AusGP. I can feel the development increasing every year."

"The Senator's quite brutal. It has a nice throaty sound going in and out of the circuit." #F1
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Grant Filsell
The AGP round winner will score a spot at a Walkinshaw Racing Ride Day!

Place your tips here: [ Link ] "Go in-depth to find out what makes the 2017 HSV GTSR W1 as special as it is, and will forever be…"

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Green is MEAN. Enjoy your #StPatricksDay!
Leigh Welsh: "Picked up my birthday present!"
Don't pretend like you don't want an HSV Superflow Performance rear spoiler in your life #ijustwantone #GTS
Dream Drives: The wide open roads and all encompassing views of Route 163, running through Arizona and Utah, USA.

The 103 km highway cuts through the heart of Monument Valley and has been featured in many movies and commercials.
ChooseDay: if only ONE of these could be yours, do you go the utility or the wagon? "HSV has turned up the wick... creating a niche performance range unlike any other."

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Black on green - what a colour combo. #GTSR
The only four letter word allowed in our comments section. #GTSR
This #HSVfanPhoto is lit An instant win for Darryl Penton.
Motor Magazine: "The audacity... the balls and bravery to build the W1 - from a relatively small Aussie mob, in a factory in an otherwise quiet and unremarkable Melbourne industrial estate - is worth the utmost commendation."
Betty at erebus motorsport: "International Women's Day is a day that I remember the women in history who worked to pave the way for the women of today."

"My advice to young women interested in a career in Motorsport is to realise that fortunately this male dominated career is judged on your capability, not your gender. Do not enter this career thinking you have to fight to be heard. Your...
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We'll just leave this here. #GTSR
Owen Richards: "I traded in my amazing wagon for one of the last ever Aussie made HSV beast machines. It was such a sad moment but at the same time - sheer excitement!"