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Some of us find our brilliant moments over a cup of coffee — What inspires yours? [ Link ] #BrilliantU
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The U Ultra shines differently at every angle, giving you an ever changing, eye catching design. [ Link ]
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“It’s difficult to describe how gorgeous and smooth these phones look. Visually, HTC has entered a new dimension.” - Digital Trends

HTC's glittering U Ultra and U Plus stand out, but will they stack up?
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Did U Know — Quickly enable Night Mode on Android Nougat to filter out blue light and get a better night's sleep.
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Last week live from Taipei, we introduced our newest flagship family of smartphones to the world with the announcement of the HTC U Ultra & U Play! Get a glimpse into the worldwide launch event with these photos taken directly from the event floor.
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"The [HTC U Ultra] is certainly one of, if not the most feature packed smartphones from the company to date, and looks to be a real contender with the best on the market right now.”

—Robert Triggs,

HTC U Ultra versus the competition: Who wins in the hardware battle?
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We're loving the #BrilliantU submissions rolling in, so keep 'em coming for a chance at some incredible awards: [ Link ]
U Ultra's camera builds on and improves our highest rated camera yet. Get photos with less blur, super-fast laser focus and bigger pixels. [ Link ]
We're feeling the brilliance in all your #BrilliantU submissions. Keep 'em coming: [ Link ]
Our fans come first. We gave HTC Elevate a sneak peek at the U Ultra — Here's their first impressions.
For the U Ultra, we developed an entirely new process where colors bond to the glass in multiple layers to reflect light beautifully. [ Link ]
U dream big, U want more. We hear U — Thoughtful phones that listen to U, learn from U and inspire U: [ Link ] #BrilliantU
If you didn't stay up late with us last night, you missed something big. Welcome the beautifully designed, big screen, HTC U Ultra: [ Link ]
Introducing the brand new HTC U Ultra. Made for the #BrilliantU. [ Link ]
We'll be bringing our latest announcement to you live tonight at 12:00am PST. Tune in: [ Link ] #BrilliantU
The all-metal flagship device that celebrates light at every angle — HTC10
If you can tell anything from a photo, 2017 is looking good! Shot by HTC fan Josh on his HTC 10. #ShotOnHTC
Wish U a happy 2017
For those of us battling freezing temps, Steve's photo looks especially inviting. #ShotOnHTC
Pro tip: Always ensure your holiday sweater game is on point.