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Huawei Mobile Arabia
4 hours 22 minutes ago. Facebook
Time flies when you're not stopping to charge your phone. Welcome to 2 day battery life with #HuaweiMate9!
Huawei Mobile Arabia
12/08/2016 at 11:22. Facebook
Have 2 Whatsapp/FB Messenger accounts but can only log in to 1 on your phone? That's not going to be an issue with #HuaweiMate9's EMUI5!
Huawei Mobile Arabia
12/07/2016 at 07:53. Facebook
Enjoy a fabulous screen look! Download our special Huawei localized themes from our themes app & get the chance to win a Huawei P9 and other prizes
Huawei Mobile Arabia
12/06/2016 at 13:26. Facebook
Missed the #HuaweiMate9 launch yesterday? Get #aStepAhead of the game, UAE. Catch the highlights here.
More than 3x faster than i_____ #3daysleft #HuaweiMate9 #aStepAhead
أكثر من ثلاث مرات أسرع من i________ #سابق_بخطوة
When living in a country that's always #aStepAhead, why settle for less? #HuaweiMate9 - made for those who love this place! #UAE45
Think you have what it takes to #DefyExpectations? Play the game below and catch the right features to turn the phone into a #HuaweiNOVAPlus and you could WIN it!

Play to win the Huawei NOVA Plus

We're excited to announce the latest Huawei Friendly User Trial (FUT) campaign! If you have the Huawei P9 (Regular/Lite/Plus), Mate 8, Nova (Regular/Plus), Honor 8, or Honor 6X, you can try out the beta version of the Android Nougat 7.0 software on your device before it launches.

Simply click on this link to get started: [ M.me Link ]
Wake up and recharge. 20 minutes supercharge = 50% battery = 24 hours power on #HuaweiMate9. #aStepAhead
We're giving away a limited number of Huawei P9s and other gifts! All you have to do is participate here to WIN: [ Hicloud.com Link ]
What’s more, just share this post to be one of the three lucky fans to win the #HuaweiP9!
نمنحكم فرصة الفوز بعدد محدود من أجهزة Huawei P9 وهدايا أخرى! كل ما عليكم فعله هو المشاركة هنا للربح: [ Hicloud.com Link ]
ليس هذا وحسب، شاركوا هذا المنشور لتكونوا أحد المحظوظين الثلاثة للفوز بجهاز #HuaweiP9!
عالم التقنية أصبح #سابق_بخطوة. هاتف #HuaweiMate9 سعيد بلقائك.

The world of technology is now #aStepAhead. The #HuaweiMate9 is pleased to meet you.
Blink again. The future is here. If you missed out on the #HuaweiMate9 launch event in Munich this weekend, here are some key highlights! #PORSCHEDESIGN #aStepAhead
With a Leica camera, you will never want to stop taking photos and with the Mate 9 battery life, you won't have to. It's finally here.#HuaweiMate9
What would you change? A) More Speed B) Better Camera C) Faster OS D) ALL. Comment below.
Tomorrow, we will take things #aStepAhead
Tired of your videos being ruined with low-light? Worry no more! Shoot in 4K with high ISO on your #HuaweiNOVAPlus to #DefyExpectations!
The world is getting faster, it's time to get #aStepAhead.