An open letter in response to an album review of Bilderbuch's "Magic Life" in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard. Read it now on the website:

Hubert von Goisern - Wer ist hier plemplem und ballaballa?
Under the heading “music that can’t be pigeonholed”, Hubert von Goisern will be talking to the former culture editor of the Kleine Zeitung, Frido Hütter, about traditions, ideologies and cultural borders, and the consolidation and crossing thereof. He’ll also be looking at the field of conflict between world music and folk music. Tickets for the interview at Greith-Haus are available now.

Hubert von Goisern und Frido Hütter

For the new year Hubert von Goisern has written a new piece for his “desk” on the website:

Hubert von Goisern - Post
Happy new year - take your first trip of the year to America! Last year HvG and the band took the songs of "Federn" to New York, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas. Join them on the road in Servus TV's documentary, "Goisern goes USA". There's also more about the mini tour on the website:
GOISERN GOES USA – Servus TV, 1st January 2017 at 12:05
Did you miss the Bergwelten documentary "Hubert von Goisern und Alex Huber in Grönland"? No worries, the programme is now available to watch online in the Servus TV Mediathek ...

Bergwelten bei ServusTV
An Evening for Licht ins Dunkel 2016/17: Es wird scho glei dumpa (from 08.45)

Musikprogramm Teil 4 / Licht ins Dunkel - Lokalprogramm aus Wien vom 24.12.2016 um 16.00 Uhr
A very merry Christmas to you all! As is traditional ORF 2 has dedicated this day to the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 campaign, broadcasting from the ORF Zentrum with an array of stars manning the donation hotlines. There's also a look at the fundraising that has been going on – including highlights from last week's Evening for Licht ins Dunkel, when Hubert von Goisern took to the stage with artists...
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TV TIP: In 2015 Hubert von Goisern and Alexander Huber from the Huberbuam headed to Greenland: familiar territory for Hubert, but a first trip for climber Alexander. Taken by sleigh dogs and by boat, they head to an unclimbed mountain with no name – a challenge for Alexander. And in the village of Tasiilaq, Hubert and his band open their tour in front of an audience of native Inuits. Find out...
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With the new Licht ins Dunkel 2016/2017 Facebook page you can learn more about Austria’s biggest humanitarian charity campaign - and support the action with a like or a share - or, even better: a donation ;)

Licht ins Dunkel
Just over a week to go before the Christkind and Santa arrive to spread their seasonal joy! If you’re still considering the perfect gift for friends and family, here’s a recommendation: with the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 album you can do good with something that sounds good! For every CD sold, 5 Euros goes straight to the campaign to help those in need. On Tuesday the album was presented at the...
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Licht ins Dunkel: CD-Präsentation / heute leben vom 14.12.2016 um 17.30 Uhr
An Evening for Licht ins Dunkel - live stream from the ORF Radiokulturhaus!

Ein Abend für Licht ins Dunkel
Another chance to catch Brenna tuat's schon lang on TV. one ARD will be showing Marcus H. Rosenmüller's film about Hubert von Goisern's life and eventful career today at 14:00 and again tomorrow at 13:00.
BRENNA TUAT'S SCHON LANG – one, 2nd Dec at 14:00, 3rd Dec at 13:00

Hubert von Goisern | One
HvG calls for your support for the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 charity drive and associated compilation CD release. For each album sold, 5 Euros goes straight to Austria's biggest charity campaign, benefitting numerous projects. Find out more about the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 album at - it's already in the Top 20 in the Austrian compilation chart!
HvG calls for your support for the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 charity drive and associated compilation CD release.
Buy the CD online: Amazon - [ Link ] Libro - [ Link ] monkey. - [ Link ]
Today sees the release of the Licht ins Dunkel 2016 compilation CD, which contains songs from a range of Austrian artists in aid of this important charity campaign. Hubert von Goisern graces the cover this year and his bilingual ballad “Deux petites mélodies” from the album “Federn” is his contribution to the musical selection. For every CD sold, 5 Euros goes straight to Licht ins Dunkel!
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TV TIP: Marking the 150th anniversary of the death of Archduke Johann in 2009, director Julian Pölsler told the love story that took place between the Habsburg and Anna Plochl, the daughter of the postmaster, in the form of a period film. Aside from Tobias Moretti and Anna Maria Mühe in the leading roles, there's another familiar face on screen as Hubert von Goisern stands before the camera in...
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There’s a new post on “Hubert’s Desk”: October 2016

Hubert von Goisern - Oktober 2016
Figurehead of this year’s Licht ins Dunkel 2016 release is Hubert von Goisern, gracing the cover of the compilation CD for which more than 20 Austrian artists – established stars and newcomers alike - have donated songs. For every album sold, 5 Euros goes straight to Licht ins Dunkel, the umbrella charity whose members number: Lebenshilfe Austria,Save the Children Austria, Gesellschaft...
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Tomorrow morning on ServusTV Hubert von Goisern takes on the challenge of getting Class 2b at the Stiftsgymnasium Seitenstetten fired up for folk music. They sing, dance, yodel and compose new verses for old songs. After just one term and a finale concert in front of their parents and friends, Hubert was impressed: "The children exceeded all my expectations with their creativity and joy in...
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