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"Marriage is like taking medicine. Sometimes it taste like candy and sometimes it taste awful but generally you know it’s good for you."

21 Tweets That Are Pretty Much Married Life In A Nutshell
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"The moment when Will had a slip, to fall out of the boat, and to stay on and (have) the strength to hang on was just phenomenal."
CC: Mat Belcher & Will Ryan

Sailing To Victory: Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan
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Don't get involved in bitchy office politics

How To Avoid Bitchy Office Politics
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Who are we? Where do we come from? Why do hands look so trippy?

Young Woman Unlocks Secrets Of The Universe At A Music Festival
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Spacious ski slopes and costal cities with European vibes are only one flight away.

Just 12 Hours From Australia, Chile Is Like a Cheaper, Closer, Quirkier Version Of Europe
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Your verdict on a book says a lot about who you are at that point in your life.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover, But By Its Reader
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Transgender model Isis King tweeted a blunt open letter to Caitlyn Jenner on Friday after the reality star criticised the Trump administration’s decision to rescind Obama-era guidance that protected transgender students in public schools.

Transgender Model To Caitlyn Jenner: 'We Do Not Need You To Save Us'
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“You may wonder, ‘Do I matter? Does society value me as a person?’”

Why On-Screen Representation Actually Matters
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"So while we're being asked by employers to be more creative, to think more, to look for better solutions, there is no space being given to enable people to stop and think and create."

Why Thinking Time Is The Most Important Part Of A Work Day
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During his detention, Muhammad Ali Jr. says officials asked him questions like “Where did you get your name from?” and “Are you Muslim?”

Muhammad Ali's Son Detained At Airport, Asked 'Are You Muslim?'
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Smith and O'Keefe slayed for a spectacular 333-run win

Aussies Absolutely Smashed India In Historic Victory
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"The researchers regard their findings as a warning against assuming that teens with poor academic performance are more likely to abuse substances than their peers."

Smart Kids Are More Likely To Experiment With Pot And Alcohol