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A Vietnamese woman, an Indonesian woman and a North Korean man have been “arrested unreasonably,” the embassy said.

North Korea Calls For Immediate Release Of Airport Assassination Suspects
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Most of these majestic creatures were slaughtered for nothing more than their ivory tusks.

Poachers Have All But Emptied This 'Sanctuary' Of Forest Elephants
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“The President’s sudden acknowledgement is a Band-Aid on the cancer of Antisemitism that has infected his own Administration.”

Anne Frank Center Blasts Trump's Limp Anti-Semitism Response
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The new EPA administrator made his name suing the agency 13 times and fighting on behalf of oil and gas companies.

Scott Pruitt Goes After Critics, His Own Staff In First Speech To EPA
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Donald J. Trump's influence has already spread to Europe, where populism has been on the rise in countries such as France, Britain and Italy.

Trump's 'Us vs. Them' Politics Raises Warning Of Global Fallout
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Prosecutors accused him of intentionally abusing his patients.

Former Neurosurgeon Who Maimed Patients Sentenced To Life In Prison
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"Our AMAZING teachers have projects that need funding. If you're in a giving spirit, they're in 'receive mode,'" tweeted the public school.

Public School Fires Back After Betsy DeVos Criticizes Its Teachers
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In 1995, the rape of a 12-year-old Japanese girl on the island by U.S servicemen prompted huge protests.

Elderly Women On Okinawa Unite Against Plans To Move U.S. Military Base
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The two surviving Beatles have come together one more time.

Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr Get Back To The Recording Studio
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When the Palestinian assailant was on the ground unable to move, the Israeli solider took aim with his rifle and put a bullet in his head.

Israeli Soldier Gets 18 Months In Prison For Killing Wounded Palestinian Attacker
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The Muslim community has raised over $20,000 to help rebuild the Jewish cemetery that was vandalized.

Muslims Are Standing Up For The Jewish Community After Bomb Threats
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He doesn’t hate pineapple all the time, just on pizza.

Iceland's President Wishes He Could Ban Pineapple Pizza Toppings
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“This puts an end to the lopsided tolerance policy where you can sell weed, but cannot grow."

Dutch Lawmakers Make ‘Historic’ Move To Expand Legal Pot Policy
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“We deserve a reward for disclosing weaknesses in the security of that building,” the model said.

Model Who Dangled From Dubai Skyscraper Says She Should Be Compensated
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Any plan to implement safe zones in Syria would need to address threats from the Syrian regime and Russian air forces.

Trump Says Gulf States Will Pay For Syrian Safe Zones. That's Not The Issue.
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Christopher Duntsch operated and people were left paralyzed. Two others died.

Former Neurosurgeon Who Maimed Patients Sentenced To Life In Prison
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The hospital activated a “code white,” which refers to a potential shooting situation.

Reports Of Shots Fired At Houston's Ben Taub Hospital