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Because learning to advocate for yourself is a powerful lesson.

Teachers Share Tips For Empowering Students In Trump's America
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5. Sustain eye contact for two whole minutes.

7 Actually Useful Pieces Of Bedroom Advice For Couples
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At Planned Parenthood, demand for IUDs is up 900% post-election.

Meet 10 Women Who Rushed To Get An IUD Before Inauguration Day
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This Prince Charming had no prior sewing experience, but that didn't stop him.

This Guy Sewed A Belle Dress For His 'Beauty And The Beast' Proposal
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“I’m using my music to pay it forward and help others navigate their student loans as well.”

What Does Hip-Hop Have To Do With Financial Literacy?
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"While the road is still long ahead of us, I am filled with gratefulness for your audacious leadership and courageous spirit that has taught us yes we can, and yes we did."

A Black Mother's Farewell to President Obama
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"It causes the same physiological reactions as humor—i.e., laughter, goose bumps, and convulsive muscle contractions—which means we can look like we’re having the time of our lives while suffering, sometimes greatly."

The Problem With Tickling
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Lauren Conrad's rules include what to do about touching an expectant mom’s belly.

Lauren Conrad Shares 4 Simple Rules For Dealing With Pregnant Women
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“It doesn’t make any noise. These kids are able to fidget and it does not disrupt anything.”

These 'Bouncy Bands' Are Helping Kids Focus In The Classroom
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Current and former Girl Scouts, troop leaders and parents are speaking out.

The Girl Scouts Will March In Trump's Inaugural Parade And People Are NOT Happy
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"After having four children, I see my body differently. I feel less, not more, self-conscious about the 'flaws' because I know they are there for a noble reason."

How Motherhood Changed The Way I See My Body
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No wonder James Corden and Kate Hudson needed a nap by the end.

Watch Toddlers Kick James Corden And Kate Hudson's Butt In Dance Class
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“That is what happens when you are a mom or a dad." -- Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Is Just Like Us, A 'Human Vacuum Cleaner'