At times, words fall short and a facial expression really says it all.

29 Emotional First Look Moments That Will Turn Your Heart To Mush
“I know some parents that would hate that and some kids that would love it!”

This Awesome 11-Year-Old Girl Designed A Prosthetic Arm That Shoots Glitter
"Although the first year of twins sometimes felt (and looked) like a scene from Sharknado, I'm a more relaxed, balanced and grounded person because I survived it."

22 Unexpected Gifts Of Having Twins
"David and I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Funkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey jr."

Amber Tamblyn's Funny Birth Announcement Is Jam-Packed With Girl Power
"All women deserve access to the help and resources that are proven to keep them and their babies healthy and happy." (via Scary Mommy)

Having A Good Postpartum Experience Is A Privilege, But It Shouldn’t Be
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5. Make sure all cell phones are turned off and the TV is also off during dinner

7 Tips for Making Time After School
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Kaden Newton knows you're never too young to help people in need.

7-Year-Old Collects Over 12,000 Pounds Of Food For Local Pantry
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"It’s a big, crazy marathon, and none of us signed up for it. But doggone it, we’re putting our best feet forward. It’s the only thing we know how to do."

I Just Don't Know How You Do It
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In honor of the Academy Awards tonight, watch this hilarious parody of “Another Day of Sun.”

Watch The Opening Scene Of 'La La Land' From The Perspective Of A Pregnant Woman
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21. Why do I feel so conflicted? (via PopSugar Moms)

33 Thoughts All Moms Have Right Before the End of Maternity Leave
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Share your superhero name in the comments! (via Everyday Girl Dad)
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What's unclear is how they made it through life before this point.

Adults Try Coffee For The First Time, And The Results Are Priceless
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“My husband and I vowed the morning after the election that we would raise our daughters to make a difference."

9 Parents On How They're Teaching Their Kids To Resist Bigotry
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"Start by researching low- and no-cost programs run by YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, local churches, and your local county and parks and recreations board."

How To Afford Youth Sports On A Budget