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Story time can open up a world of facial expressions to babies, so don't be scared to be as animated as possible. #BabySenses

Winnie the Pooh stories happen to be some of our favourites. #WinnieThePoohDay
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Great advice from this Huggies® mom. Thanks to all of you for giving us your suggestions on how to stimulate the senses of your unborn baby.

We've heard from expectant moms, new moms, and grandmothers too - all with fantastic ideas and stories. #BabySenses
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Spending time outside gives baby a chance to see new sights, colours and shapes. #BabySenses

Where does your little one like to explore?
An unborn baby can hear sounds from as soon as 18 weeks. This can be one of the first ways that you bond with your child. #BabySenses

How did you stimulate your baby bump with sounds during pregnancy?
A day at the beach is the perfect way to connect as a family. Your little one will get to explore the sand and the sea, and maybe even make a new friend. #BabySenses

Does your baby like visiting the beach?
Food can be quite a shock to the tongue! #BabySenses

How do you make tasting new foods a fun experience for your baby?
Having a newborn baby on new years day is spectacular! Are you due to have a new year baby? #HappyNewYear
Flying with your little one? Keep your baby calm by preventing air pressure from building up in their ears. Use a pacifier to assist your baby in remaining composed during the take-off and landing of the flight.
What interactive games do you play with your baby?
Many babies suffer from motion sickness when travelling. Manage little accidents by packing Huggies® Wipes for those #MessyMoments on your journey.
Let your baby embrace the day with your family and good memories.
Becoming a new mom is a phenomenal feeling and Huggies® knows you need the right nappy before your precious angel is born.
Keeping your baby comfortable in the summer heat. Pick the right clothes that provide good ventilation, seek shade and apply sunscreen.
Did you know? Nappy changing and feeding are great opportunities to bond with your baby and develop their sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste.
Did you know the average newborn sleeps between 16 - 17 hours per day? Share stories of how long your baby sleeps for?
Spend this day by paying a visit to your local restaurant where baby can interact, engage and share cuddles with other babies. #DayOfReconciliation
Huggies® Nappy Pants will keep your baby moving this holiday. Uniquely designed to give moving babies the freedom to wriggle, crawl, climb and roll with ease.
Relaxation time with the family. Post your favourite baby holiday memes.
Make your baby's first journey easier. Pack a goodie bag containing a few of your little one's favourite toys.
Going to a nature reserve this holiday? Awaken your baby's senses by observing and engaging special moments with nature.