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We had such a wonderful time at the Baby's Naturally Mom's Morning Workshop last weekend. Thank you to all of the guest speakers - our moms really learned so much from you. We hope that everyone who joined us had as great a time as we did!
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Seeing your baby become a person of their own is a delight for any parent to behold.

What do you love about your little one? #TheLoveBond
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Working together as a team is so important for creating a strong family bond. Thanks for sharing, Erika. #TheLoveBond
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When parents work together at home, children see that men and women are both important to family life. Men have also become more involved in childcare, which helps them develop a strong bond with their kids.

How do you share the load in your home when it comes to caring for your little one? #TheLoveBond
Healthy choices lead to healthy habits - something we all want to instil in our children. #TheLoveBond #HealthyLifestyleAwarenessDay
You can count on Huggies® Gold to keep your moving baby wrapped in a hug, as snug and comfy as your own. #TheLoveBond
It's important for the wellbeing of your baby that you take some time out for yourself.

Family and friends will jump at the chance to spend time with your baby and improve their bond - all you have to do is ask. #TheLoveBond
Congratulations to our 4 lucky winners!

We hope to see many of you moms at the Mom's Morning Workshop on Saturday - it's going to be a fun and interesting morning!
Tonight is the night to celebrate the love that started it all - the bond between mom and dad.

We hope that all of our Huggies® parents manage to steal themselves away for dinner, a movie, or even a quiet walk along the beach. #TheLoveBond
We're giving away 4 tickets to the Baby's Naturally - Mom's Morning Workshop, hosted by Baby's Naturally, with guest speaker Dr Diana du Plessis.

To stand a chance of winning, simply tell us in the comments below the name of one other guest speaker.

The winners will be chosen at random, and announced tomorrow, so be sure to enter without delay!

Ts and Cs apply.
Rocking, holding, patting and dancing...inventing your own dance routine will be something that your baby will come to look forward to, and it will help to strengthen your bond together. It's fun for the whole family too! #TheLoveBond
Thank you Thembisa for sharing with us the ways in which you like to strengthen the bond with your little one. #TheLoveBond

It's always great to hear from our community of Huggies® moms <3
We’ve all heard of love at first sight, but once you get that big news, it's love before first sight. #TheLoveBond #PregnancyAwarenessWeek
Bonding with your baby provides them with their first model for intimate relationships and helps to develop a sense of security, self-esteem, social and cognitive development.

What do you do to strengthen the bond between you and your baby? #TheLoveBond
Inspired by your hug, Huggies® New Baby will help keep your baby's skin as soft as they day they were born. Greet your baby with a hug.
Huggies® New Baby protects your baby from day one, making their first moments in this whole new world as snug and comfortable as your hug. #TheLoveBond
Inspired by your hug, Huggies® New Baby will help keep your baby's skin as soft as they day they were born. Greet your baby with a hug.
Newborn babies look their mothers right in the eyes. Every day that they spend with mom strengthens the bond even further. #TheLoveBond
Did you know? Taking baby swimming exposes them to many different sensations, as well as ways of moving their little body. #BabySenses
During cuddle time, do you brush your nose against your little one's head and breathe in that amazing baby smell?

Powerful pheromones connect you to your baby, and helps with the bonding process between mother and child. #BabySenses