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After 15 years of Kate pranking Hughesy, He finally got his PAYBACK - and it was EPIC!
Hughesy's payback prank on Kate after 15 years! See the full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
OMG! Find out how Hughesy got payback on Kate for many years of pranks!
All revealed after 5pm!

"Insta'd a pic of my tummy and Daily Mail fat shamed me for it."

Hughesy Fights Back at Daily Mail’s Fat Shaming Article

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When a window cleaner stops by the #HughesyAndKate office window, we see endless opportunities for a bit of (immature) #fun!
The verdict is still out if Guy Sebastian was in the wrong for parking in Hughesy's park!?
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Things got slightly uncomfortable for Justin Timberlake when Hughesy asked some interesting questions...
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Bad Breakup Texts? Don’t Delete Them… WIN $1000!

Hughesy delighted us with another diary from 1993! Top of his to-do list (among other things), write letters to the newspapers and get a hair cut...
Happy Birthday Hughesy!!!
It's Hughesy's birthday tomorrow and the celebrations have started!
Barb's found a new man and we're about to learn where in "Australia" he's from...
This afternoon we spoke to Daniel from the viral interview from The Today Show and Hughesy thinks he needs a manager!