Huma Qureshi
03/26/2017 at 17:29. Facebook
Starting the #28DayCleanse from tomorrow.. NO to all the bad stuff.. YES to good healthy food, YES to workout, YES to laughter, YES to positivity.. I'm posting this here so I don't fall off my wagon and stay motivated in my journey.. Setting new goals to be healthier and happier.. The weighing scale is not a measure of worth! #happygirlsaretheprettiest #happygirlsarethefittest Will share the...
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Huma Qureshi
03/25/2017 at 09:56. Facebook
Too much fun at the Google Headquarters in NYC... Baby steps on the hoverboard... Wooossshhh #funtimes
Huma Qureshi
03/23/2017 at 05:10. Facebook
The future’s being written today with the arrival of #OPPOF3Plus- the brand new #SelfieExpert.
It’s simply superb!

[ Link ]
Me & my gang - #OPPOF3Plus has a camera for both!
A Dual Selfie Camera- One for selfie, one for group selfie.
Check out this #SelfieExpert OPPO
Last night at the #ThreeEmpireAwards Empire Magazine
Loving the bright colours in my ethnic look with the brand of this season - abof! Get this look for free by guessing the price of what I am wearing. Find it on & post your answer using #abof2017 and tag to win!
If only one could dress up like this every day .. hathphool obsessed (sigh) House of Kotwara
At the #ZeeCineAwards2017 last night!
Dear Levi's thank you for always supporting the rebel, the youth, the change in our society
Headed to Manish Malhotra & Shabana ji's #Mijwan show!
So styled by #EdwardLalrempuia in Bungalow 8 tachi
Sharing a still with you all Viceroy's House UK release March 3rd
Some more images from my latest Verve photoshoot #PalladiumIssue
Sharing the new Verve cover #PalladiumIssue
Making me look good .. wardrobe essentials Dee Vesali PR #EthanK
Big love gorgeous for the late night dropping in!! #Kalyanisha
❤❤ #happygirlsaretheprettiest
The famous 5 :p :p
Gurinder Chadha Hugh Bonneville Gillian Anderson Manish Dayal
London premiere #ViceroysHouse Aastha Sharma makeup Ajay Vishwasrao
hair Mira Parmar Make-up & Hair
At the Opening show of London Fashion Week Teatum Jones ! #BFC Unisa
hair and makeup
Mira Parmar Make-up & Hair