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There is no freedom found in the killing of the most innocent Americans.
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This old adage is most applicable in the pro-life movement: “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Your tone determines all — and it could mean the difference between life or death for our preborn.
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This seems more like a matter of scientific fact, if you ask me. And I’ve been human for quite some time now.
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#TBT The term "choice" is often used in cowardice to mask fear, failure, and selfish motives.
Will you instead "choose" to brave the terms of parenthood that were appointed to you?
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We all started here.
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Sean Martin, ​Human Coalition's Senior Director of Church Outreach​, and his wife Jill ​live out their commitment to the sacredness of life through their children—nine of whom are adopted and have special needs.​ Watch their incredible story here on this World Down Syndrome Day!

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To turn a blind eye is to condone the behavior.
If you’re against abortion, you must speak UP and make your voice heard.
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Our women deserve better.
Together, we can stand for the most oppressed women among us: our sisters in the womb.
It wasn’t until I was in college that I really started exercising my independence. While studying abroad in Italy, I kept getting sick. When I got back from Italy, the campus nurse confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant. Within 24 hours, I made the decision to have an abortion. I gave it zero thought. I was terrified. I felt I needed to escape it.

The next morning, my boyfriend drove me to the...
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The team at Human Coalition adamantly believes just that, Fannie Lou Hamer.
That’s why we serve day in and day out — so one day all preborn children will be freed from the threat of abortion.
Kurt Kondrich, Human Coalition’s Senior Director of Development, will participate in a panel today at the United Nations’ “The Family, Child Well-being, and the Protection and Empowerment of Girls” conference to stand for the sanctity of ALL life.
Join Human Coalition President, Brian Fisher and National Director of Client Services, Lori Szala as they discuss her personal story and her tireless work to rescue children and serve families.
Lauren Enriquez, Human Coalition’s Public Relations Manager, rejects the version of “feminism” that condones an act of violence against anyone — especially against our own preborn children.
Hopefully she won’t have to.
We’re created to LIVE, to grow, to enjoy our precious freedom.
“It is God’s gift that none other than He can give. Since it is not in our power to create, it would be sacrilegious even to attempt to take what we cannot give.” — Woodrow Walker, II, Senior Pastor of Cross Culture Church, Lithonia, Georgia.
It begins in the womb, long before the naked eye can appreciate its magnificence.
#TBT: God had you in mind when he made ME. I may be tiny, but the impact I will have on your life is big! My existence will shape you into a better version of yourself.
Allow me to be the immense miracle in your life that I was created to be!