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Should Google Maps have "erased" the state of Palestine from its world map?

Tell Google to put Palestine back on Google Maps!
Human rights groups are angry over the U.S. decision to lift its arms ban on Vietnam. Where do you stand? [ Link ]

Should the U.S. put more pressure on Vietnam to improve its human rights record?
Donald Trump just took his plan for tightening U.S. borders to a new level. What do you think? [ Link ]

Donald Trump wants "a total and complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the U.S.
What obligation do 23andMe and Ancestry have to hand over customers' genetic data? Weigh in: [ Link ]

Police want 23AndMe to hand over customers' DNA!
From Upworthy: An amazing thing happened in South Africa this month when the government tried to raise university tuition.

Haven't heard about South Africa's gripping protests? 11 quick points will get you up to speed.
We followed Syrian refugees through 7 countries and 1000+ miles, this is their story: [ Link ]

Follow These Syrian Refugees As They Risk Everything For A Chance At Survival
Climate change & development could make Kenya's Lake Turkana vanish - and its people along with it.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief
Our hearts are heavy from the bombing in Turkey, a senseless killing of 97 innocent people who were marching for peace.

Witness the Outpouring of Grief at Turkey Bombing Victims' Funerals
It was as we say in Navajo, nizhóní, beautiful. And I believe the hair cannot be viewed as separate from all of that. The care we give it, the washing, the adornment, the way our relatives dress— it represents that we are a part of our people, that we are Diné, Navajo.

Why Navajo Hair Matters: It's Our Culture, Our Memory, and Our Choice
Giving girls from nomadic communities the opportunity to attend school empowers them to achieve their dreams, and can shift cultural stereotypes.

Mobile schools are catching up to on-the-go girls in Kenya
Do you agree that Congress should do more to prevent dangerous individuals from buying guns? If so, sign this petition!

Sign the petition: Congress: ACT to stop mass shootings
This woman's story is heartbreaking.